Otro dia para Matar

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Otro dia para Matar por Mind Map: Otro dia para Matar

1. John Wick

1.1. He seeks revenge for his car and his dog.

2. Winstor

2.1. Continental Hotel Owner

3. Charon

3.1. Take care of the dog when Wick is revenge.

4. Aurelio

4.1. He gives you information on where your car was and repairs the car when it is destroyed.

5. Losef Tarasov

5.1. Viggo's son who kills Wick's dog and steals his car.

6. Viggo Tarasov

6.1. Old wick partner of his old business.

7. Stra.Perkins

7.1. She gets paid to kill wick in the continental hotel.

8. Marcus

8.1. Friend who helps you when you want to kill him.