Indefinite Articles in English

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Indefinite Articles in English por Mind Map: Indefinite Articles in English

1. Indefinite articles are widely used with exclamatory expressions in English. For example: What a nice day!

2. An indefinite article is used when you say someone's profession. For example: I am a teacher.

3. When you name something for the first time in a conversation, you usually use an indefinite article. For example: I have a new bike

4. Let's now look at some of the uses of these articles.

5. an hour, an honor

6. For Example

7. Before a word that begins with a silent h, as in the words in the table, an.

8. an unimportant detail, an unhappy boy

9. For Example

10. When the vowel u is pronounced as uh, it is considered a vowel. That is why it is still used with the words and phrases in the table below.

11. an ear, an idea

12. For Example

13. An is usually used before a noun that begins with a vowel, such as a, e, i.

14. a horse, a home

15. For Example

16. Before a word that begins with an h that produces a scratchy sound, as in the words in the table, use a.

17. a unicorn, a uniform

18. For Example

19. When the voice u or the eu combination, for example, is pronounced like you, they are considered a voice. That's why a is used with the words in the table below.

20. a boy, a cat, a dog

21. There are two articles: a and an.

22. For Example

23. A is typically used before a noun that begins with a consonant, such as b, c, s, and t.

24. Rules to use these two articles well.

25. A and an mean the same thing in Spanish and are used to refer to an unspecified thing.

26. Pronunciation: a versus an

27. A ball y An apple

28. For Example

29. They are only used before singular words