Does stress cause pimples?

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Does stress cause pimples? por Mind Map: Does stress cause pimples?

1. stress is a problem for teens and adults

1.1. is a biological reaction to a potential danger

2. when someone are stressed the stress hormones run in the all body

2.1. It gives more oxygen to the body and power to face or run from the danger

3. In the brain, the hypothalamus control the corticotropin-releasing hormone

3.1. Stimulate the pituitary gland to reease the adrenocorticotropic hormone

3.1.1. Stimulate the adrenal glands to release cortisol (principal stress hormone) All these hormones were acumulated in the body and afect the health

4. The hormones suppress the immune system

4.1. Make us prone to acne caused by bacteries

4.2. And increasses the skin fat

5. Cortisol is the principal hormone involve in the skin cells and produce oily lipids in the sebaceous gland

5.1. When lot of oily lipids cover the pores and catch the bactery that cause the acne

5.1.1. The testosterone increase the fat production