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Assessments por Mind Map: Assessments

1. ------------------------------------- Gisselle Lara Social St TEK 5.1(A) explain when, where, and why groups of people explored, colonized, and settled in the United States, including the search for religious freedom and economic gain; and Activity 6 --------------------------------------

2. Closing Questions

2.1. How were the Southern and Middle Colonies similar?

2.2. What colony would you have settled in? Why?

3. Diagnostic

3.1. Definition:pre-assessment that allows a teacher to determine students' individual strengths, weaknesses, knowledge, and skills before instruction.

3.1.1. EX1: KWL Chart

3.1.2. EX2: Free Write

4. Interim/Benchmark

4.1. Definition: Assessments used to determine where student's are in the learning process. These assessments may be used to predict and make instructional changes for students to achieve.

4.1.1. EX1: Curriculum Based Assessment

4.1.2. EX 2: Mock STAAR

5. Performance

5.1. Definition: Unlike the other assessments, performance assessment focus on a task being performed rather than select and answer.

5.1.1. EX1: Performing for a school event

5.1.2. EX2: Class Presentation/Oral Response

6. Opening Questions

6.1. Does anyone know about the very first settlements?

6.2. Why would people move? Why have you moved?

7. Guiding Questions

7.1. What were some of the reasons people settled in these new land?

7.2. How did the people from ___ Colonies make a living?

8. Formative

8.1. Definition: process of gathering evidence of student learning to provide feedback and adjust instruction strategies to enhance achievement.

8.1.1. EX1: class discussion

8.1.2. EX2: exit tickets

9. Summative

9.1. Definition: Assessment is usually taken at an end of a large chunk period of learning. Teachers usually review what will be needed for the summative assessment.

9.1.1. EX1: Final Exam

9.1.2. EX2: Project