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Marvel por Mind Map: Marvel

1. Characters

1.1. The Avengers, Captain Marvel, etc.

2. Films

2.1. Avengers Endgame, Ant man and The Wasp, etc.

3. Series

3.1. Iron Fist, Agents of Shield, etc.

4. Video games

4.1. Marvel The Avengers beta/ pre-order

4.2. Video game collaborations

4.2.1. Fortnite

4.2.2. if you completed marvel The Avengers beta you could receive and in game reward for fortnite

5. Comics

5.1. Almost an endless amount of comics

5.2. In collaboration as well

5.2.1. on August 27 there will be a new fortnite season pass where you can get exclusive Marvel skins from the comics not from the films such as thor

6. Comic-con

6.1. Marvel doesn't host Comic-con but it does have a big part in it people get to go and potentially see some MCU (Marvel Cinematic, Universe) actors that they love.

7. Franchise

7.1. Toys

7.1.1. Marvel makes a load of money off of selling toys. In 2017 they sold 530 million off of only toys

8. $

8.1. Disney has been Marvels most success with over