Skeletal system, circulatory system.

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Skeletal system, circulatory system. por Mind Map: Skeletal system,   circulatory system.

1. stirrup bone in the ear is the smallest bone

2. rib cage protects heart, sungs

3. spone is made of 33 small bones called vertebrates

4. the femur is the longest bone in the body

5. the longest bone of the body are the femur

6. the skeletal cells are osteocytes, osteoclast, osteoblast.

7. the circulatory sistem cells are red blood cell, white blood cell, andplatelets.

8. oxygen is petrol for body

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9. the body have 206 bones

10. the body have 206 bonews

11. Nuevo nodo

12. for strong bones take milk and fish also walk in sunlight

13. The heartbeat is usually 70 times per minute

14. the heart beat when running it at 140 times a minute

15. the blood travel and arrive to lungs where get oxygen and later go to the body and return with dioxide to the heart where go to lungs.