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1.1. SALARY The average general practitioner salary in Colombia is $42,848.500 per year or $21,974 per hour, while more experienced professionals earn up to $57,000.

1.1.1. Habilities: Intellectual capacity (analysis, synthesis, evaluation, comprehension, application and memorization). Ability to learn on one's own. Manual dexterity. Ability to identify and solve problems. Ability to make decisions. Ability to communicate orally and in writing. Ability to work in a team. OPPORTUNITIES: By studying medicine, it is possible to obtain the title of a general practitioner with which to care for patients by applying the essential knowledge of this discipline. In this case, you can work in health centers, hospitals, and clinics of all kinds, and even in private practices. Plastic surgery. Sports medicine. Pediatrics. Geriatrics. Pneumology. Ophthalmology. Radiology. Pharmacology.


2.1. SALARY: The average architect salary in Colombia is $36,000. 000 per year or $18,462 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $20,142,857 per year, while more experienced professionals earn up to $86,400,000.

2.1.1. HABILITIES: Drawing. Logical thinking. Computer skills. Interest in historical culture. OPPORTUNITIES: Architect. Construction manager. Interior designer. Facilities and structures designer. UNIVERSITYS: UPB - Pontifical Bolivarian University. UNAL - National University of Colombia. UGC - University la Gran Colombia. UNIPILOTO - Pilot University of Colombia. Uniboyacá - University of Boyacá.


3.1. SALARY: Monthly salary of a psychologist in Colombia: 1.800.000$ - 2.500.000$.

3.1.1. HABILITIES: Analytical and argumentative, creative and imaginative skills. Taste for reading and writing. Ability to communicate and interact with human groups. Social sensitivity and willingness to help others. OPPORTUNITIES: Clinical Psychologists work independently in private practice or in clinics, hospitals, or mental health centers. While some prefer to work as generalists, others focus their attention only on specific groups, such as children, adolescents, adults or the elderly. National University of Colombia. University de Los Andes. Pontificia University Javeriana. Icesi University. University of La Sabana. Rosario University. Ces University. Universidad del Valle.