Blade Runner vs. Frankenstein

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Blade Runner vs. Frankenstein por Mind Map: Blade Runner vs. Frankenstein

1. Similar themes

1.1. Corruption of Humanity

1.1.1. Frankenstein He is unnatural

1.1.2. Blade Runner Blade Runners are obligated to kill off the Replicants who escaped from slavery New node

1.2. Human Identity

1.2.1. Frankenstein Domestic Affection Victor=Monster? Passions Creature wants to have company and connect with someone like himself

1.2.2. Blade Runner Personal Memories Photos Dreams

2. Conflicts

2.1. Frankenstein

2.1.1. New node

3. Non-humans

3.1. Frankenstein

3.1.1. Victor Frankenstein

3.2. Blade Runner

3.2.1. Rick Deckard He doesn't want to kill the replicants but for some reason he feels obliged to do it New node