Essay - Themes

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Essay - Themes por Mind Map: Essay - Themes


1.1. Xenophobia

1.1.1. Damaged the creature's character

1.1.2. Quick to judge based on appearance

1.1.3. only when the old man was blind could he stand the creature

1.1.4. Horror of the different

1.2. Love/nurture

1.2.1. People hated him, so he turned evil

1.2.2. Murder as a result of maltreatment

1.3. Is the Creature human?

1.3.1. Emotions Love For a companion (a female) For his creator - a father figure Anger At rejection

1.3.2. Social needs Wanted to be friends with the DeLaceys New node Altruistic - helped them through hard times


2.1. What makes you human?

2.1.1. Love Roy Sympathy for Deckard Also cruel Love Rachel For Deckard Fear Sadness

2.2. Nature vs. nurture

2.2.1. Rachel

2.2.2. Roy Cruel New node