Middleware Awareness - Oracle Artificial Inteligence & Machine Learning

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Middleware Awareness - Oracle Artificial Inteligence & Machine Learning por Mind Map: Middleware Awareness - Oracle Artificial Inteligence & Machine Learning

1. Portafolio

1.1. ODA - Oracle Digital Assistant

1.1.1. ODA Battle Card

1.1.2. Seller's Essentials: Digital Assistant

1.1.3. Oracle Digital Assistant Advantages

1.1.4. Infographic: Oracle Digital Assistant for HCM

1.1.5. What is Oracle Digital Assistant?

1.2. OCI Language

1.2.1. Introduction to OCI Language

1.2.2. Get Started with OCI Language

1.2.3. Oracle Language for AI-powered text analysis

1.2.4. Extracting insights from unstructured data using AI services

1.3. OCI Speech

1.3.1. Easily add automatic speech recognition to your apps

1.3.2. Use OCI Speech to transcribe natural language

1.4. OCI Vision

1.4.1. OCI Vision Customer Presentation

1.4.2. OCI Vision Use Cases

1.4.3. Extract data from images and scanned documents

1.4.4. OCI Vision Pricing

1.4.5. Modern App Development - AI&ML

1.5. OCI Anomaly Detection

1.5.1. Customer Presentation

1.5.2. Deploy remote diagnostics without in-house data science and ML experts

1.5.3. Employ anomaly detection for managing assets and predictive maintenance

1.5.4. Learn about detecting anomalies to predict failure

1.6. OCI Forecasting

1.6.1. Battle Card: Forecasting in the Cloud

1.6.2. Quickly create forecasts for your business

1.6.3. Time Series Forecasting with fb Prophet

1.7. OCI Data Labeling

1.7.1. OCI Data Labeling Customer Presentation

1.7.2. Labeling terabytes of data for ML?

1.7.3. Build better models with annotated data

1.7.4. Docs

2. Presentacion

3. Casos de Exito

3.1. Customer Success Stories: Oracle Digital Assistant

3.2. BBVA

3.2.1. Apply influence of emotions on digital ads with Oracle URL

3.3. DigiFarm

3.3.1. Developing machine learning models to help farmers make data-driven decisions URL

3.4. Northwell Health

3.4.1. Improves team member efficiency URL


3.5.1. OCI Data Science GPU Project for Image Classification URL


3.6.1. Allows a complete cycle of the implementation of Machine Learning URL

3.7. Adenza

3.7.1. The risk analytics software firm moves data management to Oracle URL


3.8.1. Analyze drone-captured images of farm fields URL

3.9. Deepzen

3.9.1. Bring audio books and other text-to-voice products to the masses URL

3.10. More...

3.10.1. URL

4. Demos

4.1. OCI Language

4.1.1. Video Demo

4.2. OCI Vision

4.2.1. Video Demo

4.3. OCI ODA - Speech

4.3.1. Video Demo

4.4. OCI Anomaly Detection

4.4.1. Video Demo

4.5. OCI Data Labeling

4.5.1. Video Demo

5. Skills

5.1. Get started with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Language

5.2. Introduction to OCI Vision

5.3. Get started with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Anomaly Detection

5.4. Have a Conversation with Customers Using Digital Assistant

5.5. Introduction to OCI Speech

5.6. Get started with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Forecasting

5.7. Use Data Labeling Service to Create a Biomedical Image Classification Model

6. General

6.1. Mitos

6.1.1. Turning AI Myths into Enterprise Gold - By Clive Swan | February 2020

6.2. Primeros Pasos con AI y ML

6.2.1. 4 Artificial Intelligence Use Cases That Don’t Require A Data Scientist - By Siddhartha Agarwal

6.3. Transformacion de un negocio mediante AI

6.3.1. Explore how companies apply Oracle AI & ML to uncover data insights

6.4. Consideraciones estratégicas para el éxito de AI

6.4.1. Forrester - Three Strategic Considerations For AI Success

6.5. AI en el Sector Retail - HR

6.5.1. Employees Demand Support for Career Growth

6.6. Reporte IDC 2021 – Plataformas conversacionales en el mercado

6.6.1. IDC MarketScape: Worldwide General-Purpose Conversational AI Platforms

6.7. Razones TOP para adoptar Oracle AI

6.7.1. Top Reasons to Adopt Oracle AI

6.8. El verdadero retorno de AI

6.8.1. Quick Answer: What Is the True Return on AI Investment? - Gartner

6.9. Actualizacion de Producto - Oracle AI y ML

6.9.1. oTube

6.10. Servicios de Integracion

6.10.1. Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service

6.11. Descubra el valor de los datos

6.11.1. Unlock the value in data with Oracle’s Modern Data Warehouse