Research Course

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Research Course por Mind Map: Research Course

1. 7.Participate in Information Discourse

1.1. 1.1.A Confers with instructors and participates in class discussions, peer workgroups, and electronic discussions to identify a research topic, or other information need

1.1.1. Research Project Research Proposal

1.2. 3.6.A Participates in classroom and other discussions

1.2.1. News Project

1.2.2. News Glog

1.3. 4.2.B Reflects on past successes, failures, and alternative strategies

1.3.1. Research Journal

1.3.2. Reflection Paper

1.3.3. In Class Discussions

1.3.4. Research Paper Rough Drafts

2. 2. Select and Retrieve Information

2.1. 1.2.D: Identifies the value and differences of potential resources in a variety of formats (e.g., multimedia, database, website)

2.1.1. librarian session

2.1.2. Research Project Pre-Search Bibliography

2.2. 2.1.B Investigates benefits and applicability of various investigative methods

2.2.1. Selected Readings

2.2.2. Interview Project

2.2.3. In Class Discussion

2.3. 2.1.C Investigates the scope, content, and organization of information retrieval systems

2.3.1. Database Discovery Project Advanced Database Discovery Project

2.3.2. Library Session

2.4. 2.1.D Selects efficient and effective approaches for accessing the information needed from the investigative method or information retrieval system

2.5. 2.4.B Identifies gaps in the information retrieved and determines if the search strategy should be revised

2.5.1. Library Research Interview

2.5.2. reflection paper

2.6. 2.4.C Repeats the search using the revised strategy as necessary

2.6.1. reflection paper

2.7. 2.5.D Records all pertinent citation information for future reference

2.7.1. Research Journal

2.8. 2.5.E Uses various technologies to manage the information selected and organized

2.8.1. Social Bookmarking Activity

2.9. 3.1.A Reads the text and selects main ideas

2.9.1. In class discussion

2.9.2. Response paper

2.9.3. Research Project Research Journal annotated bibliography

2.10. 3.1.B Restates the textual concepts in his/her own words and selects data accurately

2.10.1. Research Project Response paper Research Journal

2.11. 3.4.G Selects information that provides evidence for the topic

2.11.1. Response paper

2.11.2. Research Journal

2.11.3. in class discussion

3. 1. Information Need

3.1. 1.1.D Defines or modifies the information need to achieve a manageable focus

3.1.1. Research Project Research Proposal

3.2. 1.1.A Confers with instructors and participates in class discussions, peer work groups,and electronic discussions to identify a research topic, or other information need

3.2.1. In Class Discussion

3.2.2. Research Project

3.3. 1.4.A Reviews the initial information need to clarify, revise, or refine the question

3.3.1. Research Project Revised Annotated Bibliography Making Your Research Assignment Manageable Understanding Your Assignment Handout

3.4. 1.3.A Determines the availability of needed information and makes decisions on broadening the information beyond local resources

3.4.1. Research Plan

3.4.2. Online Tutorial: The Research Process

3.5. 3.4.A Determines whether information satisfies the research or other information need

3.6. The Research Process Handout

4. 4. Create a Product

4.1. 3.3.A Recognizes interrelationships among concepts and combines them into potentially useful primary statements with supporting evidence

4.1.1. Research Project

4.2. 3.4.C Draws conclusions based upon information gathered

4.2.1. Research Project

4.2.2. In Class Discussion

4.2.3. Response Paper

4.3. 4.1.C Integrates the new and prior information, including quotations and paraphrasings, in a manner that supports the purposes of the product or performance

4.3.1. Research Project Rough Drafts Outline

4.3.2. Synthesis Paper

4.4. 4.3.B Uses a range of information technology applications in creating the product or performance

4.4.1. Advanced Database Discovery Project

4.4.2. Research Project Website in class presentation

5. 5. Communicate the Product

5.1. 4.3.A Chooses a communication medium and format that best supports the purposes of the product or performance and the intended audience

5.1.1. Blog Project

5.2. Visual Presentations

5.3. Blog Comments Project

6. 6. Understand and Discuss Information Issues

6.1. 5.2.A Participates in electronic discussions following accepted practices (e.g. "Netiquette")

6.1.1. Blog Comments Project

6.2. 5.2.E Legally obtains, stores, and disseminates text, data, images, or sounds

6.2.1. Syllabus

6.3. 5.2.F Demonstrates an understanding of what constitutes plagiarism and does not represent work attributable to others as his/her own

6.3.1. Research Project In Text Citations Bibliography

6.3.2. In Class Writing Exercise

6.4. 5.1.A Identifies and discusses issues related to privacy and security in both the print and electronic environments

6.4.1. Class Readings

6.4.2. In Class Discussions

6.5. 5.3.A Selects an appropriate documentation style and uses it consistently to cite sources

6.5.1. Research Project In Text Citations Bibliography

7. 3. Evaluate Information

7.1. 3.1.C Identifies verbatim material that can be then appropriately quoted

7.1.1. Research Journal

7.2. 3.2.A Examines and compares information from various sources in order to evaluate reliability, validity, accuracy, authority, timeliness, and point of view or bias

7.2.1. Research Journal

7.2.2. Annotated Bibliography

7.2.3. Reading Notes