The relief and climate of the Europe

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The relief and climate of the Europe por Mind Map: The relief and climate of the Europe

1. The localitation of Europe

1.1. This situated in the hemisphere north

1.2. Grade: From 35º to 70º of latitude in the north and, from 10º to 60º lonngitude on the west

2. The plains and mountains of Europe

2.1. The plains

2.1.1. The plains: The plain extend by the center and est of Europe. In the center we locate the big central plain and in the est we located plain of Europa Oriental

2.2. The mountains

2.2.1. The mountains: The sistem mountainous more elevated of Europe located in the south.

3. The climate template

3.1. Climate oceanic

3.1.1. Climate oceanic: This situated in the ocean Atlantic and the center of Europe. The temperature in summer is mild.

3.2. Climate mediterranean

3.2.1. Climate mediterranean: This situated in the coast mediterranean and some areas inside in the south.The temperature in summer is elevated and the winter is mild.

3.3. Climate oceanic

3.3.1. Climate continental: This situated in the est of europe. The temperature, in summer is hot and very down in winter.

4. The climate cold

4.1. Climate polar

4.1.1. Climated polar: This situeted in the north of the countries nordic and Rusia.This climated is the more cold of the Earth.

4.2. Climate of mountains

4.2.1. Climated of mountain. This situated in the top of mountains.