The Great Gatsby (2013 Film)

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The Great Gatsby (2013 Film) por Mind Map: The Great Gatsby (2013 Film)

1. Story Plot

1.1. Setting

1.1.1. Time 1922

1.1.2. Place Long Island, New York, USA

1.1.3. Context Gatsby Mansion Tom and Daisy's Mansion

1.2. Casts

1.2.1. Main Characters Daisy Not self conscious Wants a wealthy life Flapper Attractive In an affair with Gatsby Tom Wants to lead In a relationship with Daisy In an affair with Myrtle Jay Gatsby In love with Daisy Mysterious Wealthy Befriended Nick to get close to Daisy Nick Carraway Yale University Graduate World War Veteran

2. Appearance / Outfits

2.1. Inspiration from the 1920s

2.2. Outfits

2.2.1. Details Ruffles Gathers Embroidery

2.2.2. Cut & Silhouettes Column

2.2.3. Colour & Fabrication Colours Vibrant & bold Pastel colours

2.2.4. Embellishments & Surface Pearls Structured Jewels Sequins Beaded dresses Fringe Feathers Lace Applique Art Deco Motifs

2.2.5. Style and aesthetics Glamourous Exagerrated Alluring

3. Origin

3.1. Book

3.1.1. Novel of the same name

3.2. Genre

3.2.1. Romantic Drama Film

3.3. Main Casts

3.3.1. Leonardo Dicaprio

3.3.2. Tobey Maguire

3.3.3. Carey Mulligan

3.3.4. Joel Edgerton

3.3.5. Elizabeth Debicki

3.3.6. Isla Fisher

3.3.7. Jason Clarke

4. Adaptation

4.1. Fashion

4.1.1. Brooks Brothers The Gatsby Collection

4.1.2. Runway Collections Ralph Lauren Spring / Summer 2012 Temperley London Alberta Ferretti Etro

4.1.3. Brand / Outfit for film Collaborations Prada Gucci Tiffany & Co. - 'Jazz Age Glamour'

4.1.4. Inspired collections Brooks Brothers - 'The Gatsby Collection'

4.2. Inspiration of movie

4.2.1. Art Deco

4.3. Books and films

4.4. Outfit Inspiration

4.4.1. Roaring 20's Glam

4.4.2. Art Deco