ICT implementation: challenges and issues

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ICT implementation: challenges and issues por Mind Map: ICT implementation: challenges and issues

1. Financial

1.1. Purchase

1.2. Manteinance

1.3. Updated (=functional) technologies and infraestructures

2. Lack of support

2.1. Families not involved

2.1.1. no transferrability criteria for safety leisure, no educational tool

2.2. Managers technology savvy

2.2.1. added practical difficulties

2.2.2. added practical difficulties

2.3. Lack of professional support

2.3.1. hinder practical implementation

2.3.2. low quality recources or at very high cost

3. Digital literacy

3.1. Critical thinking

3.2. Safety; digital identity

3.3. Infoxication

4. Teaching digital literacy

4.1. Teach telling sources appart based on quality

4.2. Clear safety and conduct criteria, agreed, understood and respected

4.3. Learn focusing on relevant and quality information

4.4. Information curation

5. Action Points

5.1. Institutional involvement in ICT implementation

5.1.1. Financial support

5.1.2. Staff training

5.1.3. ICT in oficial curricula

5.1.4. coherent educational material

5.2. ICTs as global priority