Creation of Steam account

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Creation of Steam account por Mind Map: Creation of Steam account

1. Visibility of system status

1.1. The account creation screen is able to be seen easily on the webpage

1.2. Text indicates what the users are required to input in the required fields

1.3. Exclamation marks are shown in a different color to indicate to users that the field has errors in them

1.4. pop-up boxes indicate that required fields are wrong

1.5. user is able to easily identify and complete the required steps

1.6. several icons are small and the some users might have trouble finding them

2. Match between system and the real world

2.1. Having pictures of 'letters' to indicate 'email'.

3. User control and freedom

3.1. Users are able to easily cancel their sign up process with just the click of a few buttons on the screen,such as closing the window.

3.2. At the bottom of the webpage there are options to change the language of the page for better usability for the users as some users may be more familiar to a different language

3.3. Users are given several options when they are in the process of creating their account

4. Consistency and standards

4.1. Colour is standardised on most of the screens on the webpage

4.2. The font of the entire webpage is standardised

4.3. Important texts are always highlighted in bold

4.4. Help section and enquirers hyperlinks are underlined

5. Error prevention

5.1. The system notifies the user if a certain field has not been filled up or is wrong.

5.2. Whenever a user inputs a wrong choice, a pop-up box shows what is wrong with the fields, such as entering a invalid email address.

6. Recognition rather than recall

6.1. Step by step instructions are not provided for the user to create their account

6.2. Account creation only requires a few steps and is relatively easy to do so.

7. Flexibility and efficiency of use

7.1. Fields which require the user to fill up are clearly shown on the webpage.

7.2. Several options also indicate the reason why they must be filled up so as to allow the users to know what kind of information they are sharing.

8. Aesthetic and minimalist design

8.1. Webpage design is simplified and allows users to easily locate the things they want

8.2. Does not make use of fancy colors or fonts which may confuse the user when they are in the process of creating an account

8.3. Information and required fields are arranged neatly on the webpage allowing the user a pleasent experience

9. Help users recognize, daignose, and recover from errors

9.1. If the user were to make a mistake while entering their details, the website would indicate what fields are incorrect

9.2. Website also indicates why the required fields are incorrect so as to allow users to change them

10. Help and documentation

10.1. Help buttons can be found at the bottom of the webpage together with the change of languages

10.2. Certain fields have help options beside them to assist users in certain areas which may require a little bit of help to fill out