Nail it then scale it, conference

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Nail it then scale it, conference por Mind Map: Nail it then scale it, conference

1. Speaker Paul Ahlstrom


1.2. First Startup "TOM"

1.3. First real startup "KNOWLIX"

1.4. Invested in several successful companies

1.5. VC firm "ALTA"

2. Why Startups are important?

2.1. They generate all the new emplyment

3. Myths of Entrepreneurship

3.1. The entrepreneur as a hero

3.2. The money Myht

3.3. The traditional product development model leads to success

4. Why do Startups fail?

4.1. Earrly face blackhole

4.1.1. Entrpreneurs miss prioritize their activities Hiring too many people before naild in it 70% of Startup fail for "Premature Scaling"

5. Successful startups

5.1. Passionate team

5.2. Focused on high growth, big ideas

5.3. Anxious to satisfy the customer

5.4. Honest and trustworthy

5.4.1. "Business happens at the speed of trust"

5.5. Disruptive

6. Why Nail It then Scale It?

6.1. Entrepreneurs must first find a core competency, valida it and then scale the idea, otherwise they will fail.

6.2. Have and idea, stop!, bring a customer, what are the minimun requirements of the products?, then code!