Silver Linings Playbook

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Silver Linings Playbook por Mind Map: Silver Linings Playbook


1.1. Tiffany and Pat

1.1.1. They helped each other become better people. Their personalities clashed at the beginning, but when they found common ground they bonded. When Tiffany walks in the room its a mid shot but when she walks up to Pat it turns into a point of view shot, showing us what they see. The camera then goes into a close up shot showing the characters facial expressions. The camera does an extreme close up as well as a point of view shot on Tiffany's breasts showing what Pat sees and the tension between the two. The camera then moves to her wedding finger, then to the cross around her neck and back to her face. Further into the movie, there is a montage showing Pat and Tiffany's dance progress over time. It also shows him coming home afterwards, tired from dancing all day and falling onto his bed kicking off Nicky's books. This shows that Pat and Tiffany are getting closer and he is starting to move on from his relationship with Nicky.

1.2. Pat and Ronnie

1.2.1. Ronnie and Pat are clearly close, but Ronnie has been a bad friend but you can see that they go back a while and Pat forgives him and makes it seem unnoticed that Ronnie's been a bad friend. Theyre such polar opposites that they bring each other to the middle a bit. Ronnie and Pat trust each other, you can see this in the way that Ronnie talks about his marriage to Pat. At the dinner when Pat arrives, Ronnie is standing up on the steps and Pat is down on the path. The camera looks up at Ronnie and down at Pat, giving us the idea of superiority. The camera pans up on both characters showing us the difference in clothing. Its shown as a point of view shot and they are both standing far away from each other. The tables turn when they get inside, Ronnie tells Pat about how stressed he is and the camera angle changes from looking down on Pat to looking down on Ronnie.

1.3. Pat Jr. and Pat Sr.

1.3.1. They arent typically close but there is alot of love in their relationship. Pat Sr. feels uncomfortable due to Pat Jr's mental illness and doesnt really know how to act around him but when they have a chat when pat is in bed and after the dance, you can see the love in their relationship. In the fighting scene between Pat and Pt Sr. the camera is a point of view shot, like the person is actually punching the camera. When Pat first walks into the room and Pat sr. sees him. The camera is a mid-shot and when Pat sr. expresses his surprise and shock spreading his arms out, the camera zooms out. When Pat sr. checks to see is Pat is wearing his necklace, it zooms up on it, but when Pat checks if his dad is wearing his, it zooms out quickly, showing the audience that Pat sr. isn't wearing his.


2.1. The Dinner

2.1.1. The dinner at Ronnie's house is where Tiffany and Pat meet for the first time. Here we see how Tiffany and Pat act with the opposite gender, with their situation at that moment. This is the beginning of a roller coaster of emotions for both of the characters. The camera movement in his scene is quite jolty and edgy making you feel awkward like Tiffany and Pat feel around each other. The shot size and angle are used. The size is very close up so you can see the facial movements of tiffany and pat and the angle is a point of view when Pat is meeting Tiffany for the first time, as he looks down at her breasts, then to her wedding ring finger which is empty and then to the cross she is wearing around her neck and then back up to her face. This shows Pat judging tiffany and sussing her out.

2.2. Ernest Hemmingway

2.2.1. When Pat throws the Ernest Hemmingway book out through the window, this is significant to the narrative because this shows how Pat is very strong headed. When Pat is reading the book, the numerous camera shots at Pat reading in different positions shows the viewer how Pat can be determined but is also very fidgety. The use of the camera being far away when Pat throws the book out the window is useful to help the viewer understand the rage that Pat was in after he finished the book. The use of panning Pat when he stormily walks up and down the bedroom of their parents and also the point of view and how close the camera is to his face. This conveys the urgency of Pat through his body language.

2.3. After the Eagles game

2.3.1. After the Eagles game, when Pat Senior loses a bet and Pat Junior and his friends come home after the brawl. This tension comes to a boiling point and this is where everything comes out. Also, when Pat Senior is on his rant, he is furious that he can't be stopped. In this scene there is a lot of yelling. This creates a lot of noise and adds to the panic and anger of the situation. The camera is also a close up shot. This shows the facial expressions of the characters, allowing the viewers to see the anger, panic and desperation of the situation.

2.4. Dance

2.4.1. The dance between Pat and Tiffany basically describe them. The dance is slow then becomes crazy, just like them. It also shows the bond that has been created between them and how that leads to love. In this scene, the sound of the music conveys what each other the characters are feeling as well as during the dance. The dance has fast and slow tempo music, which describes Pat and Tiffany. The camera angles also change from a wide scene of them to a eye shot, where it shows what Pat is seeing and Tiffany is seeing. Through these camera angles we can understand the emotions through the facial expressions of Pat and Tiffany.

2.5. The Diner

2.5.1. The Diner shows how Tiffany loses her self. Here, it shows how crazy both of them are. They compare themself with each other but that only shows the viewer that both of them are crazy. This scene shows us how Pat and Tiffany's relationship progresses. At the beginning of the scene they are still a little awkward around each other and there is stilted dialogue. Minutes into the scene, its almost as if Pat and Tiffany have known each other for years as they talk about their personal life. The camera quickly establishes that Pat and Tiffany are sitting in diner booth by showing them from a bystanders point of view. As soon as their conversation begins the point of view changes to Tiffany or Pat's, showing the audience what the characters see. The camera then tightens to only the characters face's giving the scene a sense of intimacy and privacy, as if no one else is in the diner. When the characters start to argue, it zooms out and tracks them walking along the street.

2.6. Running with Tiffany

2.6.1. When Pat is running with Tiffany, this is where Pat and Tiffany begin their bond. It shows their desperation for friendship with someone of their kind. They constantly bicker and indicate they don't want to be friends but turns out, they did need each other. During scenes where Pat and Tiffany are running together. There are 2 different types of camera angles used. The first camera angles used is a long shot, this shows them in proportion with each other and shows their body language and action. The second camera angles used is a close up of either of the character's face while they are running. This conveys what their emotions are at the time. Sometimes annoyance, love, hatred.


3.1. Pat Jnr

3.1.1. He wakes up from reality (stubborn - aware) When Pat does the dance with Tiffany. His decisions became more realistic because he has more motivation to create relationships. He realizes that he will never get back with his wife. By getting pass this he recognizes the other people in his life.

3.2. Pat Snr

3.2.1. He becomes more relaxed and less defensive about life. He's gained control. When he sees Pat dancing and watching Pat talking to Nikki. He could see himself in Pat and that he realized was like Pat. This realization made him want to become more open and aware of the others around him. In the final scene, when the screen shot flashed around the house, showing the remotes and videos not in order. This showed that he's a lot more relaxed than he was before the dance. During and after the dance, the camera zoomed in on a close up shot on Pat Snr. This showed the expression of his face, allowing viewers to witness the realization. When he was yelling at Pat Jnr, he lots control. This scene shows how far he's come from then to the final scene. When he was yelling at Pat Jnr and making the bet, there was silence in the background but everyone was yelling. This gave a feeling of noise and panic but it there was also a feeling of silence. Also, during these arguments, occasionally there was a dramatic pause this was adding to the seriousness.

3.3. Tiffany

3.3.1. She became happier and felt more free. She got over the death of Tommy and felt no more grief about the death. Like Pat, she was able to open up to people. When the kiss occurred, this made her realize that someone did love her and she wasn't alone. The camera shot during the scene before the kiss was a close up shot. This showed the expressions of the characters, portraying the emotion as Tiffany realized that Pat loved her. There is also no music just before the kiss, this showing the seriousness of the situation and how clear the moment was for Tiffany. When they kissed, music started playing, but it was soft, sweet music that showed Tiffany's mood no longer as defensive and depressed, but as happy. The camera also started spinning, showing the characters from all angles, this symbolzing that Tifany, or Pat, doesn't have anything to hide. The camera then zooms out, this representing the fact that the characters have got their lives back on track and can be left alone. When she was practicing their dance with Pat Jnr. These practices made her fall in love with Pat even though at the time the viewers may not have been aware of this. Viewers become aware of this when she sees Nikki. It made viewers realize how much her time with Pat changed her and how much she did care. There is soft, calm music playing when Pat and tiffany practice their dance. This shows the audience that here Tiffany is calm and smooth, this is her healing time. There is also no other sounds other than the music, showing the audience how it is a release for Tiffany. The expression of Tiffany also gets happier throughout the practices, this turning to something more close and intimate towards the end, as she falls in love.