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Evernote - Wesley Clagett por Mind Map: Evernote - Wesley Clagett

1. Price

1.1. Free, with options to upgrade based on your individual needs

1.1.1. Evernote Premium: $5/month

1.1.2. Evernote Business: $10/month

2. What is it?

2.1. Project creation space for written documents that allows cross-device sharing, similar to Google Docs

2.2. Click-and-drag image saving/sharing in an Image Gallery

2.3. Easy web-content saver; installable web browser button for saving highlighted text and images

2.4. Set Reminders for yourself, such as document and presentation due dates, and attach them to the appropriate document

2.5. Tag Notes, sort them into Notebooks by topic, and easily search through your document library

2.6. Compatible with other, related apps

2.7. Also capable of storing audio files

3. Collaboration

3.1. Installable on phones and other devices (Limited Functionality)

3.2. Share tool allows one-click sharing via email, hyperlink, or social media such as Facebook and Twitter

3.3. Creation of Joint/Shared Notebooks

3.3.1. Can others add ideas to shared notebooks? How does that work? -Dr. Fritz

4. Use in the Classroom

4.1. Students with tablets can record notes directly into the program, keeping everything much more organized

4.2. Students can create and edit documents and presentations (individually or as a group) and share them with others

4.3. Teachers can use Evernote to keep notes and schedules organized as well

4.4. Both Teachers and Students can keep track of due dates for assignments

4.5. Shared documents can be viewed by the teacher and other students, and comments can be posted

4.6. What security features does Evernote have and are individual students able to make changes to the settings? I have found that in many of these programs close monitoring is required. (V.Ndiaye)

5. Upgrades

5.1. Evernote Premium and Evernote Business

5.1.1. Presentation Mode for direct conversion of notes

5.1.2. Bigger file size for creation of larger documents

5.1.3. More library storage space

5.1.4. Offline Access to Notes

6. Website

6.1. https://evernote.com/