demonstrative pronouns

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demonstrative pronouns por Mind Map: demonstrative pronouns

1. It is important to begin by noting that pronouns may be singular or plural and may refer to the distance

1.1. This that these those

1.2. Demonstrative pronouns are also used to include an earlier part of the conversation or idea, or also to announce something that is going to say next.

1.3. Demonstrative pronouns are used to indicate the distance between the transmitter and the above, indicate spatial location replacing the noun

1.3.1. Also serve to name and distinguish elements already mentioned above, but without repeating. Their shape varies depending on gender and number.

1.3.2. Since demonstrative pronouns are used to determine the position of the persons or things. And they know when they function as demonstrative pronouns replace a noun previously mentioned and has been well defined by the context. They are equal to the demonstrative adjectives As with the demonstrative adjectives "this" is used and "these" to speak of that which is closest to the speaker and "that" and "those" for what is farthest. In Spanish, however, we distinguish three levels and not two as in English