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Conditionals por Mind Map: Conditionals

1. Basic structure

1.1. They consist of a MAIN CLAUSE and an IF-CLAUSE.

1.2. The IF-clause expresses the condition itself.

1.2.1. It is normally introduced by the conjunction "if"

1.2.2. Other conjunctions may be used: as long as provided/ providing Unless Meaning: "if not" in case not really a conditional.

1.2.3. The main clause expresses the result of the condition

1.3. Types

1.3.1. Type Zero General or universal conditions IF-clause: if + present simple MAIN: present simple

1.3.2. Type One Probable conditions MAIN: future

1.3.3. Type Three Conditions in the past (impossible) IF-clause: if + past perfetc MAIN: Conditional perfect

1.3.4. Type Two Unreal or improbable IF-clause: if + past simple MAIN: conditional

1.4. IF-clause: if + present simple

2. Special constructions.

2.1. Type 2

2.1.1. They emphasize improbability.

2.1.2. IF-clause: should + inversion.

2.1.3. MAIN: conditional or imperative.

2.2. If only/ I wish...