George III

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George III por Mind Map: George III

1. The American Revolutionary War

1.1. In 1776 because of high taxes North America led to write the United States Declaration of Independence.

1.2. George III wanted his colonies back.

1.3. Not until 1783 George III accpeted the defeat in North America.

1.4. In the 1780's George III wrote a letter on the loss of the colonies.

2. The Stamp Act American newspaper proposed, with biting humor.

2.1. George III introduced the Royal Proclamation of 1763.

2.2. It result was: TAXES, TAXES, TAXES

2.3. In 1765 George III introduced the Stamp Act.

2.4. This caused a deep hatred because of the high duties that had to be paid for every document's transport in North America.

3. George's disease.

3.1. He suffered an mental disease.

3.2. In 1788 he was said to be serioulsy mentally deranged.

3.3. Parliament decided that someone else should take over the role of the ruler.

3.4. On 29th January in 1820, he was succeeded by by his eldest son George IV.

4. George's first years of reign

4.1. The party in power was the Whig party. However, King George III favoured Tory ministers.

4.2. In 1762 they came to de power.

4.3. They were led by Scottish Tory Lord Bute, an intimate friend of George's mother.

5. Ascendant to the throne

5.1. When King George II died at the age of 76, his grandson George ascended to the throne as King George III

6. George III's family

6.1. In 1761, George met the German Duchess Sophia Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz and on the very same day their marriage took place.

6.2. They had 15 children. They didn't have a telly!!!!

6.3. In this picture we can see the Buckingham House that George bought in 1712 as his new family residence.