Information Security Technologies & Markets

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Information Security Technologies & Markets por Mind Map: Information Security Technologies & Markets

1. Cloud Security

1.1. Cloud Firewall Management & Orchaestration

1.1.1. Check Point Software

1.1.2. Cisco

1.1.3. CloudPassage

1.1.4. Dome9

1.1.5. Hillstone Networks

1.1.6. Huawei

1.1.7. Illumio

1.1.8. Palo Alto Networks

1.1.9. Redcannon Security

1.1.10. VMware

1.1.11. XRoads Networks

1.1.12. vArmour

2. Security Operations & Incident Response

2.1. Forensics/eDiscovery

2.1.1. Forensic Products eDiscovery Clearwell Kazeon Guidance Software Access Data Autonomy kCura FTI Technology Barracuda Networks Mobile Devices Cellebrite Paraben Oxygen ViaForensics Endpoint Computing Systems Access Data BlackBag Cyfir Guidance Software Magnet Forensics Nuix OSForensics Paraben Xways Forensics Forensics as a Service (FaaS) CloudShark Email Examination Systools Software Nuix Forensic File & Data Analysis Tools Cyfir Intella Magnet Forensics Nuix Systools Software

2.1.2. Network Forensics Tools (NFT) Flow Analysis/Metadata Extraction Arbor Networks IBM Lancope LogRythm Intel Security NBA Forensic Capture with User Surveillance & Security Threat Analytics Access Data BlueCoat EMC FireEye Fluke Networks IBM IP Fabrics JDSU (Network Instruments) LightCyber NetAgent NetResec NetScout Niksun Novetta Solutions Nuix Packetsled Riverbed SS8 nPulse Technologies Forensic Network Recording/Behavior Analytics/Network Performance Monitoring Emulex Packetsled WildPackets Network Packet Brokers Adara Apcon Arista Networks Cubro Gigamon IXIA Interface Masters Technologies JDSU NetOptics NetScout VSS Monitoring Network Taps Optical Raw Network Packet Capture Apcon Arbor Networks Comworth WireShark

2.1.3. Incident Response Management Software SaaS Co3 Systems Software DF Labs

2.1.4. eDiscovery Services Robert Half Advanced Discovery

2.1.5. eDiscovery Software AccessData Guidance Software Nuix Symantec

2.2. Security Incident Response Platforms (SIRP)

2.2.1. CSG Invotas

2.2.2. Cybersponse

2.2.3. DFLabs

2.2.4. Fido

2.2.5. Hexadite

2.2.6. Phantom Cyber

2.2.7. Proofpoint

2.2.8. Resilient Systems

2.2.9. ID Experts

2.3. Incident Response Collaboration Software

2.3.1. Resilient Systems

2.4. Incident Response Legal Services

2.4.1. Information Law Group

2.5. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Log Management & Analytics

2.5.1. Application Security Intelligence Engine SAP iT-Cube Systems

2.5.2. Log Management EventTracker IGLOO Security Intel Security McAfee Enterprise Log Manager Kiwi Syslog Server LogEntries LogRythm Logscape Open Source Elasticsearch (ELK Stack) SEC (Simple Event Correlator) OSSIM Syslog-NG Octopussy Sawmill Splunk Sumo Logic Tripwire XpoLog

2.5.3. SIEM AlienVault OSSIM CorreLog EventTracker HP Arcsight Hexis Cyber Solutions Hawkeye AP IBM Q1Radar IGLOO Security LogPoint LogRythm Intel Security NitroSecurity Novell Sentinel RSA Envision Sensage Solarwinds Splunk Sqrrl Tibco Loglogic eIQnetworks

2.5.4. Security Analytics Anomaly Analytics Intel Theta Ray Prelert User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) Bay Dynamics Darktrace Exabeam Fortscale Gurcul HP IBM Interset Microsoft Niara Platfora Secureonix

2.5.5. Threat Investigation and Analysis Platforms BAE System Detica Cybereveal IKANow Maltego Palentir Cyber

2.5.6. User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) Bae Systems Applied Intelligence Bay Dynamics Caspida Click Security Exabeam FICO Fortscale GuruCul IBM Intellinx Lockheed Martin Logtrust Mobile System 7 Novetta Solutions Oracle Raytheon SAS Institute Secureonix Splunk

3. Emerging Security Markets & Technologies

3.1. Application Security

3.1.1. Runtime Application Self Protection Metaforic Arxan

3.2. Cloud Security

3.2.1. Cloud Protection Gateways CipherCloud Netskope Perspecsys Skyhigh Networks Vaultive

3.2.2. Cloud Access Security Brokers User Activity Monitoring Adallom Bitglass Elastica Imperva Netscope SkyHigh Networks Data Loss Prevention DLP-Lite Encryption SkyHigh Networks Adallom Managed Methods Identity and Access Management Centrify Cloudiway Okta Ping Access Control Adallom Bitglass Elastica FireLayers Netskope Skyfence Managed Methods

3.2.3. Cloud Application Discovery Ciphercloud Elastica Netskope Skyhigh

3.3. Data Security

3.4. Endpoint Security

3.4.1. Endpoint Detection and Response Agent-Based Bit9 Cisco Confer Countertack CrowdStrike Cyberreason Cylance Digital Guardian Dtex Systems Endgame Systems Fidelis Cybersecurity FireEye Forescout Guidance Software Hexis Cyber Solutions Invincea LogRhythm NexThink Panda Security RSA (EMC) SecDo SentinelOne Tanium Triumfant Ziften Agentless Cynet Fidelis ForeScout Hexadite Hexis Cyber Solutions LightCyber Outlier Security Promisec

3.5. Identification, Authentication, Access Control & IAM

3.6. Internet of Things

3.7. Network & Infrastructure Security

3.7.1. Advanced Content Disarming (ACD) Check Point Software Threat Extraction Glasswall OPSWAT Re-Sec Sasa-Software Symantec DisArm TreSys Votiro

3.7.2. Unauthorized Connection Prevention Ensilo

3.7.3. Malware Infection Analysis and Monitoring Services Lastline Guardia OpenDNS Qualys Seculert

3.7.4. Network Behavior and Analytics Industrial Control Systems (ICS) CyberX

3.8. Risk, Compliance and Security Management

3.8.1. Security Ratings & Insurance Security Ratings Bitsight Technologies SecurityScoreCard Cyber Risk Insurance Balsiger Insurance HSB Group Philadelphia Insurance Companies Tennant Risk Services The Hartford Travelers

3.9. Security Operations, Incident Response

3.9.1. Intelligence/Data Feeds/Software & Services Security Intelligence and Data Analysis Platforms CSG International Threat Intelligence Platforms BAE Systems BrightPoint Security Codenomicon Comilion Confer IID Lockheed Martin Lookingglass Cyber Solutions Palentir Soltra ThreatConnect ThreatQuotient ThreatStream TruStar Threat Intelligence Services Human Intelligence - HUMINT (Strategic) Machine-Based (Tactical)

3.9.2. Malware Analysis Malware Analysis as a Service Free Services ReversingLabs ThreatGrid Sandbox Software GFI Joesecurity Bluecoat Payload Security Firewalls Palo Alto Networks CheckPoint Software Fortinet

3.9.3. Threat Deception Technologies Decoy Endpoints Atomic Software Solutions Attivo Networks Cymmetria GuardiCore KeyFocus Specter TrapX Network ForeScout Shadow Networks Juniper Networks Open Source Honeypot Web Shape Security Juniper Networks Active Endpoint Javelin Networks PreeDat Security Preedat

3.10. Cross Domain Solutions

3.10.1. Advenica ZoneGuard SecuriRam

3.10.2. General Dynamics TacGuard Crossing Guard NanoXD

3.10.3. LockHeed Martin Trusted Manager

4. Market Logistics & Supply Chain

4.1. Cloud Service Brokerages

4.1.1. Bitnami

4.1.2. Ensim

4.1.3. Gravitant

4.1.4. Jamcracker

4.1.5. StandingCloud

4.2. Distribution/Channel

4.2.1. VARs, Resellers China Rainbow Tech Broad Sky Innovation Technology Qast Software Group Macrosea Eastern Europe CZECH Republic Poland Emerging Asia Pacific India Indonesia Malasia Thailand Philippines Eurasia Russian Federation Kazakhstan Ukraine Latin America Brazil Chile Columbia Costa Rica Ecuador Bolivia Venezuela Cuba Argentina Buenos Aires Mexico Peru Mature Asia Pacific Australia Japan Singapore Middle East and North Africa Turkey Israel Saudi Arabia South Africa India United Arab Emirates North America United States Canada Sub-Sahara Africa South Africa Western Europe France Germany Italy Netherlands Spain United Kingdom WorldWide AT&T Verizon Business

4.2.2. Distributors China AVNet B & Data Technology Co. Ltd. Beijing Advazone Electronic Limited Comp Beijing HolyZone Technology Co.,Ltd. Digital China Technology LTD. Ecs China Edvance Technology (China) Limited Huagai M.Tech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai S-I Information Tech. Ltd Sinogrid Information Technology Ltd. Sky Faith International Enterprise Emerging Asia Pacific India Indonesia Thailand Eurasia Russian Federation Kazakhstan Mature Asia Pacific Singapore Japan South Korea Australia Middle East and South Africa United Arab Emirates South Africa North America Canada United States Sub-Sahara Africa South Africa Western Europe United Kingdom Germany Worldwide AVNet Ingram Micro Tech Data Westcon Latin America Mexico Brazil

4.2.3. Reseller Programs

4.2.4. Logistics/Deal Registration Connectwise

4.3. Government Cyberwarrior (Personnel Estimates)

4.3.1. United States NSA Cyberwarrior Stats Department of Defense US Airforce US Navy DISA

4.3.2. Iran 4500

4.3.3. Israel Unit 8200 5000

4.3.4. North Korea 1000

4.4. Hardware and Chip Security

4.4.1. AMD TPM

4.4.2. Cavium Multi-Core Processors

4.4.3. Flow Processors Netronome

4.4.4. Intel TPM Data Execution Protection

4.5. Investment

4.5.1. ETFs PureFunds SYM:HACK

4.5.2. Venture Capitalists Trident Capital Andreesen Horowitz

4.6. Managed Service Enablement

4.6.1. Chartec

4.6.2. Jamcracker

4.7. Marketing/PR/AR

4.7.1. Marketing/Branding Agencies Hill and Knowlton MetaDesign Ogilvy & Mather Tailfin Marketing Communications Toolbox Studios

4.7.2. Market Destinations (Sites) CRN Hak5 MSPMentor Madison Logic SCmagazine TheVarGuy

4.7.3. Web Site Design Baytech Web Design EU Design Studios

4.7.4. Creative Services Gig Productions Duarte Text 100 Initiate Marketing

4.7.5. Campaign/Engagement WCG World

4.7.6. Analyst & Public Relations KTCpr Madison Alexander PR Marc Gendron PR Schwartz Communications Spalding Communications Text 100

4.7.7. Marketing Videos Epipheo

4.8. OEMs & System Integrators

4.8.1. Appliance Integrators Accton Advantech Celestica Dan-el Technologies Ltd. Flextronics Plexus

4.8.2. Base Appliances Advantech Amax Cas Well Iron Systems Lanner Portwell Tilera

4.8.3. Cards Netronome Tilera

4.8.4. Encryption Acceleration Intel VPRO Safenet Luna PCI

4.8.5. MSSP Appliances 443 Networks

4.8.6. Threat Intelligence IP Reputation Norse Corp Cyren WebRoot Brightcloud IP Block Lists WebRoot Brightcloud Norse Corp Cyren Fraud Internet Fraud Alert National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance File Reputation Findthatfile Anti-Phishing Cyren Malicious URL Cyren Findthatfile Indicators of Compromise FireEye Proofpoint Wapack labs Vulnerability Research Telus Security Labs Vupen DNS DGA Feeds Farsight Security

4.8.7. Security Related Chips & CPUs Broadcom Cavium Lionic Netronome Tilera Intel

4.8.8. Software Social Network Content Control NetboxBlue URL Categorization Cyren Ikarus Malware Webroot Brightcloud Zvelo Advanced Threat Protection - Virtual Execution Engines ContentKeeper Threat Track Security Image Recognition Image Analyzer AntiMalware Antiy Avira Bitdefender Commtouch Cyren ESet Fortinet GFI Ikarus Kaspersky Intel Security Norman OPSWAT QuickHeal Zillya ZonerAntiVirus Encryption Transport Optical Character Recognition Abbyy File Content Decoding/Analysis/Fingerprinting HP Autonomy Attivio GTB Technologies Voice Recognition STC Nuance Network Stack IPV4/6 Deep Packet Inspection SDN Anti-Spam/Phishing APWG BrandProtect Cyren Ikarus Internet Fraud Alert ReturnPath WebRoot Brightcloud Intrusion Detection/Prevention Signatures Proofpoint Content Extraction & Search Oracle Endpoint Security and Management OPSWAT Advanced Content Disarming and Reconstruction OPSWAT IT Service Management ITRP

4.9. Product Certification/Assurance

4.9.1. ICSA Labs

4.9.2. Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (CCITSE) EAL1 through EAL7 Booz Allen Hamilton COACT CSC CygnaCom Solutions Infogard Laboratories SAIC atsec information security

4.10. Product Testing

4.10.1. Anti-Malware Testing AV-Test Av-Comparatives VirusBTN

4.10.2. Cryptographic Testing NIST FIPS 140-2

4.10.3. Generic Product Testing, Certification and Accreditation Certifications North America European Union Testing United Kingdom North America

4.10.4. Sponsored Product Review/Testing Delta Testing LTD Dennis Labs Miercom NSS Labs Network Testing Labs Tolly Group West Coast Labs

4.10.5. Singapore iDA

4.11. Cloud Service Brokerages

4.12. Security Conferences

4.12.1. North America United States RSA Gartner Cornerstones of Trust Annual Security Conference SecurityBsides ShmooCon

4.12.2. Europe United Kingdom RSA Conference Gartner Russia Infosecurity Russia

4.12.3. Emerging Asia Pacific

4.12.4. Mature Asia Pacific Australia Gartner Singapore RSA

4.13. Staffing/Recruiting/Executive Search

4.13.1. Millard Group

4.13.2. Lynch Bowie Group

4.13.3. Robert Half

4.14. User Interface

4.14.1. Consulting User Interface BlinkUX Sasa Technologies Dabapps Customer Survey Techvalidate

4.14.2. HTML5 Visualization Libraries Data-Driven Documents AngularJS

5. Infrastructure Protection

5.1. Active Directory Defense

5.1.1. Aorato

5.2. Appliance Based Malware Sandboxes

5.2.1. AhnLab

5.2.2. CheckPoint Software

5.2.3. ContentKeeper

5.2.4. Cyphort

5.2.5. Damballa

5.2.6. FireEye

5.2.7. HBGary

5.2.8. LastLine

5.2.9. Intel Security ValidEDGE

5.2.10. Palo Alto Networks

5.2.11. RSA Security Analytics (Formerly Netwitness) Spectrum

5.2.12. Trend Micro


5.3. Cloud-Based Remote Access

5.3.1. BubblewRapp

5.3.2. Pertino

5.4. DNS-based Threat Prevention/Detection

5.4.1. Standalone Appliances Efficient IP Infoblox

5.4.2. DNS Services Comodo Neustar OpenDNS Symantec

5.4.3. Firewalls Palo Alto Networks

5.5. Denial of Service Protection

5.5.1. Appliances Arbor Networks Prevail APS Check Point Software DDos Protector Corero Fortinet Genie Networks ATM Appliances NSFOCUS Radware WINS TECHNET LTD

5.5.2. Security as a Service HTTP/HTTPS Only DOSArrest Cloudflare MultiProtocol/Network Akamai Black Lotus Cloud Flare F5 Incapsula Link11 Neustar NexusGuard Verisign Inc

5.5.3. Clean Pipe Services AT&T Verizon

5.6. Network Access Control (NAC)

5.6.1. Host Based Symantec Intel Security

5.6.2. Network Based Forescout Cisco Bradford Networks Milton Security Group

5.7. Network Anonymization & Consumer VPN Services

5.7.1. AnchorFree Hotspot Shield


5.7.3. CyberGhost

5.7.4. GoldenFrog

5.7.5. HMA ProVPN TorVPN

5.7.6. Okayfreedom

5.7.7. OpenVPN Shield Exchange

5.7.8. Private Wifi

5.7.9. Tor

5.8. Network Behavior Analysis/Network Forensics

5.8.1. Network Behavior and Advanced Threat Analytics Arbor Networks Boeing Cyber adAPT Darktrace EMC Lancope Light Cyber Novetta Solutions PacketSled RedJack Splunk Taasera Trustport Threat Intelligence Vectra Networks

5.8.2. Network Monitoring, Network Behavior & Metadata Extraction Appliances Damballa ExtraHop Networks No-Net Flow Support Genie Networks GreatBay Software Kindsight Light Cyber

5.8.3. Network-Based Threat Intelligence Enforcement Appliances Centripetal Networks Check Point Software Norse Corp Darkwatch

5.8.4. Surveillance/Lawful Intercept Cybersift Decision Group INC IP Fabrics InveaTech KLOS NEXT Computing Radisys Utimaco

5.9. Network Firewalls

5.9.1. Carrier Firewalls

5.9.2. Enterprise Firewalls Multifunction Enterprise Firewalls Check Point Software Cisco Fortinet Palo Alto Networks Stateful Inspection - Traditional Firewalls Cisco Meraki HP Huawei Check Point Software

5.9.3. Multi-Funtion SMB Firewalls 443 Networks Check Point Software CheckPoint Cisco Clavister Endian Fortinet Hillstone Networks PineApp Sangfor Sonicwall Sophos Trustwave Untangle WINS TechNet LTD WatchGuard

5.9.4. Open Source & Community IPTables IPchains PFSense Untangle

5.9.5. Router Firewalls

5.10. Network Intrusion Prevention

5.10.1. Predictive Modeling Trustpipe Cyactive

5.10.2. IBM

5.10.3. Signature Based WINS TECHNET LTD Open Source Snort Intel Security IBM HP TippingPoint Fortinet Enterasys Cisco Sourcefire CheckPoint AlienVault Snort

5.11. Network-Based Advanced Threat Protection

5.11.1. Advanced Threat Intelligence LookingGlass OpenDNS Norse Corp

5.11.2. Firewalls with File Sandbox Capabilities Barracuda Check Point Software Fortinet Juniper Networks Palo Alto Networks Sophos Watchguard

5.11.3. Virtual Execution Assessment Cloud Based Netwitness CrowdStrike Cisco

5.11.4. Virtualization & Emulation Sandbox Standalone Appliances AhnLab Bluecoat Check Point Software Emulator Blade Cisco ThreatGrid Cyphort Damballa FireEye Malware Analysis Appliance Fortinet FortiSandbox General Dynamics Fidelis Security Systems Intel Security McAfee Advanced Threat Detection Appliance Lastline Palo Alto Networks WildFire Techguard Security ThreatTrack Email Only Trend Micro Deep Discovery VMRay

5.12. SCADA Monitoring

5.12.1. PFP Cybersecurity

5.13. SSL Inspection Appliances

5.13.1. A10 Networks

5.13.2. Bluecoat

5.13.3. ResolutionOne

5.13.4. VSS Monitoring

5.13.5. SourceFire

5.14. Software Defined Network Perimeter

5.14.1. Tempered Networks

5.14.2. Unisys Stealth

5.14.3. Vidder

5.15. Virtual Private Networking (VPN/SSL VPN)

5.15.1. IPSec VPN Concentrators Certes Networks CheckPoint Software Cisco Mako Networks

5.15.2. Layer 2 Encryption Certes Networks

5.15.3. Layer 4 Encryption Certes Networks

5.15.4. SSL VPN AhnLab Array Networks Barracuda Networks Cisco Citrix F5 Networks Hillstone Networks Juniper NetGear Sonicwall Stonesoft WatchGuard

5.16. Web/Email Protection

5.16.1. Secure Email Gateways Bluecoat Fortinet GWAVA Intel Security Proofpoint Sonicwall Symantec Trustwave Websense iBoss

5.16.2. Secure Web Gateways Bluecoat ContentKeeper GWAVA Intel Security Symantec Trustwave Websense iBoss

5.16.3. Security as a Service Web & Email SaaS Appriver Barracuda Bitglass Cisco Intel Security Spamina Symantec Total Defense TotalDefense Websense Zscaler Web Only ContentKeeper OpenDNS Email Only Agari

6. Security Consulting & Implementation

6.1. Providers by Region

6.1.1. Latin America

6.1.2. Mature Asia/Pacific

6.1.3. Middle East and North Africa Saudi Arabia GBM PGI

6.1.4. North America Accuvant AppsecConsulting CSC Control Case CrowdStrike Dell Secureworks Deloitte Denim Group Ernst & Young FireEye Fishnet ForSythe Solutions Grant Thornton HP IBM IOActive Leidos Intel Security (Foundstone) NTT Com Security Neohapsis PWC Paladion Networks Perimeter eSecurity Protivity SISA Solutionary Stroz Friedberg Sungard Sword and Shield Symantec Sysnet Global Solutions Tevora Business Solutions Trustwave Verizon WhiteHat Security Zensar Technologies

6.1.5. Western Europe Italy Consulthink SPA United Kingdom FOX-IT

6.1.6. Greater China

6.1.7. South Africa Cyanre

6.1.8. Governance Accuvant Fishnet Security FOX-IT Sec Consult

6.1.9. Eurasia Russia

6.1.10. Emerging Asia/Pacific

6.1.11. Eastern Europe

6.1.12. Canada Conexsys

6.2. Governance, Advisory, Assessment

6.2.1. Architecture and Design

6.2.2. Business Continuity

6.2.3. Compliance Review

6.2.4. Data Security Program

6.2.5. Governance

6.2.6. Governance, Compliance and Policy Design Compliance Mandates PCI ISO HITECH HIPAA

6.2.7. People Centric Strategy

6.2.8. Policy Design

6.2.9. Program Assessment

6.2.10. Risk Assessment

6.2.11. Risk Management Booz Allen Hamilton Accuvant Cloud Risks On Premise Infrastructure Business Risk

6.2.12. Security Program Development Accuvant Fishnet FOX-IT

6.2.13. Strategy

6.3. Operations

6.3.1. Application Security Web AppSec Consulting Denim Group Mobile AppSec Consulting Denim Group

6.3.2. Application Security Vulnerability Assessement

6.3.3. Configuration Assessment

6.3.4. Device Security

6.3.5. Fraud, Identification and Privacy

6.3.6. Incident Response Digital Forensics Accuvant Blackthorn Technologies Dell Secureworks Deloitte E&Y EY FOX-IT Fishnet Security High Tech Bridge PWC TrustMatta Sec Consult Digital Investigations FOX-IT Deloitte EY Fishnet Security PWC

6.3.7. Penetration Testing AppSec Consulting Core Security Element Digital Security FOX-IT High Tech Bridge Matasano Security NCC Group Rapid7 Secureworks TrustMatta WhiteHat Security

6.3.8. Remote Access

6.3.9. Secure Code Review

6.3.10. Threat Intelligence

6.3.11. Vulnerability Scan

6.4. Forensics

6.4.1. Forensics Compliance & Investigative Analytics Cybercrime & Data Breach E-Discovery & Computer Forensics Endpoint Forensics Network Forensics

7. Managed Security Services

7.1. Indirect Providers

7.1.1. Emerging Asia Pacific India CSS Corp PVT Happiest Minds SunGard Availability Services Ecomnets India PVT. LTD

7.1.2. Europe BT Global Services Dell SecureWorks Germany Link11 GMBH IPsoft HP Happiest Minds Advanced Malware Protection Application Activity Monitoring Compliance Reporting Database Activity Monitoring File Integrity Monitoring Log Management Managed DLP Network Forensics SIEM Unified Threat Management Vulnerability Assessment Integralis Navisite Mobile Device Management Open Systems Open Systems Orange Business Services SecureData Firewall IDS/IPS SIEM Data Loss Prevention Secure Web Gateway Secure Email Gateway VPN/Remote Access SunGard Availability Services Firewalls IAM Intrusion Prevention SIEM Unified Threat Management VPN Web Application Firewall Symantec T-Systems Tata Communications Telefonica DDoS Protection Service Email Encryption Email Security Gateway Firewall Management IAM Intrusion Detection Intrusion Prevention Log Management SIEM Vulnerability Assessment Web Security Gateway Anti-Fraud Verizon Business Anti-DDoS Email Security Endpoint Protection Firewall Management Intrusion Detection Intrusion Prevention SIEM Vulnerability Assessment Web Security Wipro Email Security Gateway Endpoint Security Firewall Management Fraud Management/Anti-Money Laundering GRC IAM Intrusion Detection Intrusion Prevention SIEM User Access Management Web Security Gateway

7.1.3. Global Providers AT&T DDos Protection Email/Data Encryption Services Endpoint Anti-Virus Endpoint Patch Management Endpoint Policy Compliance Mobile Device Security Secure Email Gateway Security Device Management Web Application Firewall Web Gateway (URL & Malware Filtering) BEW Global Data Loss Prevention Web Security Gateway Email Security Gateway SIEM Vulnerability Assessment BT Dell Secureworks Advanced Malware Protection Email Security Gateway Firewall Management Host IPS IDS/IPS Log Management Log Retention SIEM Threat Intelligence Unified Threat Management Vulnerability Assessment Web Application Firewall Web Application Vulnerability Assessment Dimension Data HP Access Managment Data Loss Prevention Email Security Gateway Endpoint Encryption Endpoint Protection Intrusion Detection Intrusion Prevention Managed Incident Response Remote Access Management SIEM Vulnerability Assessment Web Application Vulnerability Assessment Web Security Gateway IBM Email Security Gateway Endpoint Patch Management Endpoint Policy Management Endpoint Protection Firewall Management IAM Intrusion Detection Intrusion Prevention Log Management Mobile Device Security SIEM Unified Threat Management Vulnerability Assessment Web Security Gateway Web Vulnerability Assessment Telstra Verizon Business Anti-DDoS Email Security Endpoint Protection Firewall Management Intrusion Detection Intrusion Prevention SIEM Vulnerability Assessment Web Security

7.1.4. Greater China Hong Kong Network Box Netswitch BEW Global Data Loss Prevention Web Security Gateway Email Security Gateway SIEM Vulnerability Assessment Beijing Netswitch

7.1.5. Latin America Brazil Arcon Netcentrics RealProtect UOL Diveo

7.1.6. Mature Asia Pacific Australia Tesserent Verizon Singapore e-Cop NTT Singapore Happiest Minds Singtel NCS Group

7.1.7. Middle East and North Africa Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Du Telecom Tata Communications Dell Secureworks Dimension Data

7.1.8. North America Canada Above Security Bell Canada EWA Happiest Minds Netpulse OneStone (Formerly Seccuris) SecureData SentryMetrics SunGard Availability Services Virtual Guardian United States AT&T Above Security Alert Logic Allstream CGI CSC CSS Corp CentraComm CenturyLink- Savvis Clone Systems Compucom Systems Cosentry Dell Secureworks Earthlink Esentire HCL Technologies HP Happiest Minds IBM Leidos LunarLine Masergy Communications Megapath NCA - Network Computing Architects Navisite Netfortris Nuspire Networks Secure Designs SilverSky (Formerly Stillsecure/Perimeter esecurity) Solutionary SunGard Availability Services Sword and Shield Symantec Symantec Tesserent Trustwave Verizon Business Wipro Rook Security Netswitch

7.1.9. Sub-Sahara Africa AccessKenya Firewall Endpoint Protection Secure Web Gateway

7.2. Direct Tech Providers Managed Security

7.2.1. Asia Pacific Australia China NSFOCUS Singapore

7.2.2. Europe GoGrid Compliance Reporting (PCI, HIPAA) Host IDS Log Management SIEM Vulnerability Assessment

7.2.3. Global Providers

7.2.4. Middle East and North Africa Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates

7.2.5. North America United States NSFOCUS Check Point Software Network Box GoGrid

8. Endpoint Security

8.1. Anti-Malware

8.1.1. Eastern Europe Czech Republic Avast TrustPort Denmark BullGuard Netherlands AVG Romania Bitdefender Slovakia ESET

8.1.2. Emerging Asia/Pacific India eScan K7 Computing

8.1.3. Latin America Spain Optenet

8.1.4. Mature Asia/Pacific China Qihoo Rising International Software South Korean AhnLab BKAV ESTsoft

8.1.5. Middle East and Africa Israel Check Point Software

8.1.6. North America Cyren MalwareBytes Intel Security Microsoft PC Pitstop Roboscan Symantec ThreatTrack Security Total Defense Trend Micro

8.1.7. Russia Kaspersky

8.1.8. Western Europe Austria Ikarus Security Finland F-Secure Germany Avira G-Data Kromtech Norway Norman United Kingdom Sophos Poland Arcabit

8.2. Endopoint Sandboxes and Virtualized Containers

8.2.1. Endpoint Sandboxes Panda Sandboxie Bitdefender Bluecoat NormanShark

8.2.2. Type-0 Hypervisors Lynxworks Zirtu

8.2.3. Browser-Isolation (remote dom) Amune Armor5 Menlo Security Spikes Security

8.2.4. Process Isolation/Virtualization Invincea Bromium

8.3. Endpoint Intrusion Prevention

8.3.1. Arkoon StormShield

8.3.2. BeyondTrust

8.3.3. IBM

8.3.4. Landesk

8.3.5. McAfee

8.3.6. Safensoft

8.3.7. Symantec

8.4. Enterprise Mobility Mangement Suites

8.4.1. Absolute Software

8.4.2. AMware Airwatch

8.4.3. Blackberry

8.4.4. Citrix

8.4.5. Globo

8.4.6. Good Technologies

8.4.7. IBM

8.4.8. Landesk

8.4.9. MobileIron

8.4.10. Mojave

8.4.11. SAP

8.4.12. Sophos

8.4.13. Soti

8.4.14. Symantec

8.4.15. Tangoe

8.5. File Integrity Monitoring

8.5.1. Open Source 1. AIDE 2. Trend Micro 1. OSSEC 3. Samhain 4. Osiris 5. Integrit 6. Tripwire

8.5.2. Commercial Imperva Intel Security Tripwire

8.6. Malware Analysis

8.6.1. Botnets

8.6.2. Internet Identity

8.6.3. Malware Patrol

8.6.4. SpamHaus

8.6.5. Team Cymru

8.6.6. ThreatGrid

8.6.7. VirusTotal


8.6.9. JoeSecurity

8.6.10. Shadowserver

8.7. Mobile Device Management

8.7.1. Absolute Software

8.7.2. Beachhead Security

8.7.3. Blackberry

8.7.4. Citrix

8.7.5. Globo

8.7.6. Good Technologies

8.7.7. IBM

8.7.8. Landesk

8.7.9. MobileIron

8.7.10. Mojave

8.7.11. SAP

8.7.12. Sophos

8.7.13. Soti

8.7.14. Symantec

8.7.15. Tangoe

8.7.16. VMware Airwatch

8.8. Policy Assessment and System Configuration Management

8.8.1. BMC BMC Server Automation

8.8.2. IBM IBM Endpoint Manager

8.8.3. Intel Security Policy Auditor

8.8.4. RedHat OpenSCAP

8.8.5. Saint Saint Security

8.8.6. Tripwire Tripwire Enterprise

8.9. Sandboxing/MicroVM

8.9.1. Norman Sandbox

8.9.2. Bromium

8.9.3. Bufferzone

8.9.4. Invincea

8.9.5. SandBoxie

8.10. Exploit Technique Prevention Software

8.10.1. CyActive

8.10.2. Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit

8.10.3. Microsoft EMET

8.10.4. Palo Alto Networks Endpoint

8.10.5. ViRobot APT Shield

8.10.6. Microsoft EMET - FREE

9. Data and Collaboration Security

9.1. Data Governance and Classification

9.1.1. Expert Source

9.1.2. HP

9.1.3. IBM

9.1.4. Informatica

9.1.5. Nuix

9.1.6. Somansa

9.1.7. Titus

9.1.8. boldonjames

9.2. Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

9.2.1. Endpoint Data Classification and Tracking Banyan Solutions BoldonJames Digital Guardian HP IBM Mach1 Development MinerEye Nuix SecureIslands Smartlogic Titus Varonis Mobile Symantec Websense SecureIslands Windows Absolute Software CA Technologies Digital Guardian GTB Technologies Infowatch Intel Security RSA SecureIslands Somansa Symantec Trustwave Watchful Software Websense Zecurion

9.2.2. Network Code Green Networks Fidelis Security Systems (Subsidiary of General Dynamics) RSA (EMC) Symantec

9.2.3. Secure Email Gateway Cisco Symantec Intel Security Somansa

9.2.4. Secure Web Gateway Intel Security Symantec Somansa

9.2.5. Security as a Service Consumer Social Fortress PwnedList Enterprise Social Fortress Google Apps ZixCorp

9.3. Database Security

9.3.1. Database Audit and Protection Application Security, Inc BeyondTrust Fortinet GreenSQL IBM IRI Oracle SQL Server Imperva Intel Security Mentis Software Oracle Corp PentaSecurity Warevalley

9.3.2. Database Activity Monitoring DB Networks Somansa

9.4. Encrypted USB Storage

9.4.1. Apricorn

9.4.2. Datalocker

9.4.3. Integral Memory

9.4.4. IronKey

9.4.5. Kingston

9.4.6. Virbatim

9.5. Encryption/Tokenization

9.5.1. Cloud/SAAS Encryption Appliances Office365 Ciphercloud Afore Solutions Perspecsys Software BoxCryptor CloudMask PrivateCore Trend Micro Viivo Voltage Security Software as a Service Trend Micro SooKasa SafeNet

9.5.2. Data masking Oracle

9.5.3. Database SafeNet Dark Matter Labs Vormetric

9.5.4. File/Folder Covertix IBM Mainframe SecureIslands Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise (Utimaco) Symantec (PGP) Vormetric WinMagic SecureDoc

9.5.5. Mobile Storage/USB IronKey

9.5.6. Tokenization Protegrity

9.5.7. Whole Disk Intel Security Symantec (PGP) CheckPoint Software Encryption Management Wave Systems WinMagic SecureDoc Microsoft Bitlocker Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise (Utimaco) Trustwave DataControl Vormetric

9.5.8. Big Data Gazzang Vormetric

9.5.9. Email ZixCorp Encryptics

9.5.10. Cryptographic Providers RSA Quintessence Microsoft

9.6. File Analysis Software

9.6.1. Acaveo

9.6.2. Active Navigation

9.6.3. AvePoint

9.6.4. Beyond Recognition

9.6.5. Bloomberg

9.6.6. CommVault

9.6.7. Condrey

9.6.8. Covertix

9.6.9. DataGlobal

9.6.10. DataGravity

9.6.11. Equivio

9.6.12. HP Control Point

9.6.13. HiSoftware

9.6.14. IBM StoreIQ

9.6.15. Identifty Finder

9.6.16. Imperva

9.6.17. Index Engines

9.6.18. Kazoup

9.6.19. NTP Software

9.6.20. Novell

9.6.21. Nuix

9.6.22. Proofpoint

9.6.23. Stealthbits

9.6.24. Varonis

9.6.25. WatchDox

9.6.26. Whitebox Security

9.6.27. ZyLab

10. Identity and Access Management (IAM)

10.1. AD/Unix bridge

10.1.1. Centrify

10.2. Enterprise single sign-on (ESSO)

10.3. Externalized authorization management (EAM)

10.3.1. Axiomatics

10.3.2. Dell Quest (BitKoo)

10.4. IAM as a Service

10.4.1. Centrify

10.4.2. IBM (Formerly Lighthouse Security)

10.4.3. Identity Automation

10.4.4. Intel

10.4.5. Okta

10.4.6. Password Bank

10.4.7. Ping Identity

10.4.8. Sailpoint

10.4.9. Symplifyed

10.4.10. iWelcome

10.5. Identity governance and administration

10.5.1. CA Technologies

10.5.2. IBM Security

10.5.3. Oracle

10.5.4. RSA (Aveksa)

10.6. Privileged account management (PAM)

10.6.1. BeyondTrust

10.6.2. Lieberman Software

10.6.3. Cyber Ark

10.6.4. Dell

10.6.5. Centrify

10.7. Public Certificate Authorities

10.7.1. Comodo

10.7.2. Geotrust

10.7.3. Godaddy

10.7.4. Symantec (Formerly VeriSign)

10.8. User Authentication

10.8.1. Tokens OOB authentication SMS Voice Push Email Social media OTP tokens OTP hardware tokens OTP software tokens for smart phones X.509 tokens Other tokens ANECT AS - ALUCID

10.8.2. Contextual authentication

10.8.3. KBA It's Me Security

10.8.4. Biometrics Behavioral Typing rhythm/keystroke dynamics Voice recognition Biological Face recognition Fingerprint

10.8.5. Wide-focus vendors Alladin-RD CA Technologies Entrust HID Global RSA Adaptive Auth SafeNet Symantec Technology Nexus VASCO

10.9. User Privilege Management

10.9.1. Appsense

10.9.2. Ariella

10.9.3. Avectco

10.9.4. BeyondTrust

10.9.5. CionSystems

10.9.6. CrossIdeas

10.9.7. Centrify

10.9.8. Dell

10.9.9. Lieberman Software

10.9.10. Viewfinity

11. Application Security

11.1. Vulnerability Assessment/Management (VA/VM/SAST/DAST/PENTEST)

11.1.1. Network Vulnerability Assessment (On Premise) Core Security Digital Defense Fortinet Intel Security McAfee Vulnerability Manager (Foundstone) NSAuditor Ncircle Netasq Outpost24 Qualys Rapid 7 Nexspose Trustwave

11.1.2. Managed Penetration Testing Services WhiteHatSecurity Cenzic

11.1.3. Penetration TestingSoftware Core Security Rapid7 Metasploit Pro Metasploit Express Trustwave

11.1.4. Software as a Service Vulnerability Management Trustwave Qualys Outpost24 Intel Security Digital Defense Phish Testing/Management Phishme

11.1.5. Vulnerability Reporting/Tracking Risk IO

11.1.6. Vulnerability Research CSC HP DV Labs HotWAN Intel Security SecNiche Labs Sourcefire VRT Symantec VRLSec Vupen

11.1.7. Vulnerability Resolution and Prioritization Platforms RiskIO Secure Decisions Synack ThreadFix

11.2. Web Application Firewalls (WAF) & Application Security

11.2.1. Web Application Firewalls Virtualized Appliances A10 Networks AlertLogic Amazon AWS Barracuda Networks BeeWare Ergon Informatik AG Forum Systems Imperva PentaSecurity Physical Appliances A10 Networks AdNovum AlertLogic Anchiva Barracuda Networks BeeWare BugSec Cisco Citrix DBAPPSecurity DPtech Dell Sonicwall DenyAll Ergon Informatik F5 Fortinet Forum Systems HP Imperva NSFocus PentaSecurity Positive Technologies RadWare Riverbed Trustwave WINS TECHNET LTD Software AdNovum Apache DenyAll ERGON Informatik AG Forum Systems Juniper Microsoft IIS Open Source Positive Security Riverbed Trustifier WebScurity Managed Services Dell Secureworks AT&T Verizon Business

11.2.2. Software as a Service Akamai Kona AlertLogic ArmorLogic BinarySec CloudFlare FireBlade Incapsula Qualys Securi Soha

11.2.3. Web Threat Disruption Technology Software NuCaptcha NuData Appliances Juniper Shape Security Open Source Google Hack Honeypot

11.3. Web Application Security

11.3.1. Code Review Products HP IBM

11.3.2. Scanning Services Cenzic Controlscan High-Tech Bridge McAfee Secure Qualys Trustwave WebSecurify WhiteHat Security

11.3.3. Scanning Software Open Source Arachni Scanner Subgraph W3af Wapiti Watcher Commercial Accunetix BeyondTrust Cenzic HP MavitunaSecurity NTObjectives Nstalker Portswigger Syhunt

12. Risk, Compliance and Security Management

12.1. Firewall Workflow,Modeling & Change Management

12.1.1. Checkpoint Software

12.1.2. Firemon

12.1.3. ManageEngine

12.1.4. Redseal Networks

12.1.5. Skybox

12.1.6. Tufin

12.2. Regulations, Awareness and Training

12.2.1. Computer Based Training Aujas BeOne Development Digital Defense Fishnet Security Inspired eLearning Junglemap KnowBe4 MediaPro PhishMe Phishline Popcorn Training Sans Institute Scipp International Secure Mentem Security Innovation Security Mentor The Security Awareness Company ThreatSim Wombat Security Technologies

12.2.2. Educational, Awareness & News Outlets Government Led Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs) Periodicals & Target Roles Channel CISO/CSO Security Engineers/Analysts

12.2.3. Industry Standards/Groups Standards Technical Industry Groups Audit General Security Forensics

12.2.4. Regulations, Public Standards and Contractual Mandates Global Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCIDSS) NIST Country/Region Specific China Singapore European Union United States

12.3. Legal and regulatory information governance

12.4. Privacy

12.5. Security Policy and Response Orchaestration Platforms

12.5.1. Proofpoint

12.5.2. CSG Invotas

12.6. Security Program and Governance

12.6.1. Fraud Prevention/Web Malware Monitoring Fraud Prevention Software Appliances Software as a Service Virtual Appliances Website & Ad Malware Monitoring Ad-Juster Globalsign Hackalert Intel Security QualysGuard RiskIQ Sucuri

12.6.2. Governance, Risk and Compliance eGRC Software as a Service Software Compliance Oriented Private Cloud Hosting (COPCH) Note: This list is not an attestation of compliance itGRCM Agiliance Allgress Blackthorn Technologies Brinqa ControlCase DF Labs EMC-RSA LockPath Lumension Security Microsoft Modulo Nasdaq Bwise Rsam Software as a Service Symantec Telos WCK GRC Software Operational Risk Analytics Algosec Cytegic Firemon IBM Redseal Networks RiskIO Skybox Software Development Lifecycle Solarwinds Tufin Cloud & Container Compliance Assessment Cavirin