Basic English

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Basic English por Mind Map: Basic English

1. Colloquial and affectionate names of my family.

1.1. My grandfather's grandpa affection.

1.2. My grandmother's grandma affection.

1.3. My father is affection dad.

1.4. My mother is affection mummy.

2. Members of my extended family.

2.1. My sister- in- law by my brother.

2.2. My brother -in -law by my sister.

3. Basic members of my family or blood.

3.1. My Great-grandmother.

3.1.1. Examples

3.2. My Great-grandfather. My granmother.

3.3. My grandfather.

3.4. My Mother and Father.

3.5. I the daughter of my Mother and father. My aunt and uncle.

3.6. My cousin.

4. Generic names

4.1. My great-grandparents

4.2. My grandparents

4.3. My parents

4.4. My siblings.

5. Others

6. I am the youngest. My sister is the oldest. I have twins cousins.