Industrial Engineer

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Industrial Engineer por Mind Map: Industrial Engineer

1. What is a industrial engineer?

1.1. it´s the person who deals with the optimization of use of human, technical, information resources

2. What do industrial engineer do?

2.1. some activities are

2.1.1. He design inventory systems

2.1.2. Design and implement systems of salaries and incentives and quality assurance systems

2.1.3. Organize, direct and control the human factor in the company

2.1.4. Design and manage production systems and materials handling systems

3. Engineer is a professional who can join public and private institutions

4. Which are the abilities of the industrial engineer?

4.1. some it are

4.2. improving

4.3. specifycing

4.4. designing

4.5. analyzing

5. Which are the qualities of the industrial engineer?

5.1. Ethic

5.2. Creativity

5.3. Patience

5.4. Math skills