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Comienza Ya. Es Gratis
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1. Was coined by American linguistic: Larry Selinker

2. Learner constructs a sistem of rules: comprenhension and production (L2)-MENTAL GRAMMAR

3. GRAMMAR: is open to influence from the outside (imput) and inside

4. The learner's grammar is tradicional. As the time goes they add rules, restructuring the system-INTERLANGUAGE CONTINUUM

5. The system 's learners contain variables rules

5.1. other says that interlanguage system are homogeneous

5.1.1. reflects the mistakes, when they use the knoloedge to communicate

6. Learners employ LEARNING STRATEGIES to develop their interlanguage: ERRORS reflect it.

7. The learner's grammar is likely to fossilize. Only some students go on to develop the same mental grammar as native speaker.

7.1. Backsliding: production of errors