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1. The PS

1.1. Price

1.1.1. How much product or service costs.

1.2. Product

1.2.1. What you sell and variety or  range of products you sell.

1.3. Promotion

1.3.1. How you tell consumers about the product or service.

1.4. Place

1.4.1. Where you the product or service, this means the location of your shop, or outlet, or the accessibility of your service.

2. Elements of advertisings

2.1. Budget

2.2. Sound Effects

2.3. Get attention

2.4. Product Placement

2.5. Catchy Tune

2.6. Feel good factor

2.7. Slogan

2.8. Consumers

2.9. Viral Marketing

2.10. Outdoor Marketing

2.11. QR code scanning

2.12. Branding

3. Promotion

3.1. Advertising

3.1.1. Each photo shows a different advertising medium

3.2. The sales force

3.2.1. A company`s sales people visit customers and persuade them to buy products.

3.3. Promotional activities

3.3.1. Promotion is all the activities supporting the sale of a product including advertising a promotion.


4.1. Employees and management

4.1.1. Management

4.1.2. Finanzas

4.1.3. Mercadeo

4.1.4. White -Collar Workers

4.1.5. Manual/Blue-Collar Workers

4.1.6. Supervisor

4.2. Management and administration

4.2.1. A company activities may be spread over different sites.

4.3. Labour

4.3.1. Labor unions, organizations defendin the interest of workers are call trade unions in BrE.

4.4. Personnel and human resources

4.4.1. In larfer organizations there is a human resources and human resource management and personnel department.