Oraciones Comparativas

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Oraciones Comparativas por Mind Map: Oraciones Comparativas

1. Superioridad

1.1. -Apples are sweeter than oranges.

1.2. -Sharks are more dangerous than Dolphins

1.3. -People are smarter than monkeys.

2. Superlativos

2.1. -She is the worst driver I know.

2.2. -I am the most intelligent student in the classroom.

3. Igualdad

3.1. -These mountains are as high as those ones.

3.2. -Rose and Mary are as beautiful as Helen.

4. Inferioridad

4.1. -Susan’s room is less clean than Angela’s.

4.2. -Pearls are less precious than emeralds.

4.3. -My dress is not as expensive as yours.