How are we going to work in the future?

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How are we going to work in the future? por Mind Map: How are we going to work in the future?

1. How to be online?

1.1. There are not going to be SIM cards

1.1.1. e-SIM card is coming next year

1.2. You will get Internet to any device

1.2.1. You will pay for the Internet Speed you want

1.2.2. You will be able to connect all your devices with one account

1.3. You will switch form mobile to Wifi seamlessly

1.3.1. For the user being online will be as natural as having electricity and will not distinguish between Wifi or mobile internet, as people today not know the difference between AC and DC electricity

1.4. You will just pay one bill wherever you are

2. How to find where to work?

2.1. Since the Internet itself is not going to be a problem people will look the other things

2.1.1. A nice desk and chair

2.1.2. Silence

2.1.3. An inspiring workplace

2.2. Maybe everything will be provided by VR and even coworking spaces will be obsolete

2.2.1. Virtual working space