What's interlinguage?

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What's interlinguage? por Mind Map: What's interlinguage?

1. 1.

1.1. Learner constructs a system of abstrac linguistic rules

1.1.1. In comprehension and production of the L2

1.1.2. Rules: mental grammar It refers as interlinguage

2. It was coinned by Larry Slinker

2.1. It is a unique linguistic system

3. 2.

3.1. The learner's grammar is permeabkle

3.1.1. Grammar is oppned to influnce from outside input

3.1.2. Grammar is oppned to influnce from inside i.e. omission transfer overgeneralization

4. 3.

4.1. The leraner's grammar is transitional

4.1.1. The grammar changues by the time goes adding rules This is results in a interlanguage continuum Leraners contstruc a sdieries of mental grammars or interlanguage

5. 5.

5.1. Learning strategies to develop their interlanguage

5.1.1. Different erros Different learning strategies

6. 4.

6.1. System learners constructions

6.1.1. Contain variable rules

6.2. Interlanguage system is homogeneous

6.2.1. Reflects the mistakes that learners make when they try to communicate

7. 6.

7.1. Learners grammar is likely to fossilize

7.1.1. Selinker suggested only 5% achieve the same mantal grammar as natieve speaker