Factors that impact Development

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Factors that impact Development por Mind Map: Factors that impact Development

1. Gender views are often the major social development issue in society.Ranging from unequal pay or the government deciding what is best for women,the restrictions imposed by governments,such as present day United States are infringing on the rights on women.However countries like Brazil which have implemented the Straw Hat Program have made tremendous advancements in their society.

2. Political

2.1. Corruption

2.1.1. Afghanistan has high levels of corruption that causes huge class gaps and has many countries that are investing in their country questioning whether or not they should invest in Afghanistan at all.

2.2. Elections or take overs by new leaders

2.3. Trade/Tarriffs

2.3.1. With the election of Donald Trump in the United States,there is much controversy over trade. The withdraw from the Trans-Atlantic agreement which was enforced by the Obama administration has caused the US to a have influence over that area

2.3.2. Donald Trump has also proposed to use tariffs against Mexico and China to gain a sort of income.However this proposed tariff is said to be at 20%.Although the intention is to keep jobs in the US this in terms could lead to a trade war.Both Mexico and China has stated that they will retaliate to the US propositions.

3. Social

3.1. Conservative governments such as those in the Middle Eastern part of the world have a view of women which affects development due to the belief that women are inferior to men.One could argue the United States is in many ways a conservative government especially with Donald Trumps executive order in relation to Planned Parenthood

3.2. Religion Plays a key role and often relates to conservative governments as well.Although many governments claim they are following their religion,they are harming themselves by not allowing women to be set equal to men.

4. Economical

4.1. A nations GDP connects heavily to its economy. If environmental factors damage the nation/city and causes said example this will drastically hurt the economy.

4.1.1. But it does not have to be all bad A country relies heavily also on it's natural resources. If a nation can mass produce said resources they can enact in Free Trade with other countries boosting the other country's overall income. This also creates more imports and exports with different countries over the world. But also if environment factors damage these natural resources then trade cannot established and would soon have to seek out help from other countries.

5. Environmental

5.1. The more drastic the change the more this will impact a cities GDP and other resources that in turn Impact the overall develpment.

5.1.1. Less Jobs Less Income GDP gets lowered because fewer people can support themselves.

5.1.2. Ex. Hurricane in New York