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Primary sector por Mind Map: Primary sector

1. Arable farming

1.1. What do they do?

1.1.1. Cultivates land

1.1.2. Produce crops

1.2. Types of crops

1.2.1. Dry drops Need only rainwater Cereals, grapes, olives...

1.2.2. Irrigated crops Need extra water to grow Fruit, vegetables, rice...

2. Mining

2.1. What do they do?

2.1.1. Take natural material Earth's crust

2.2. Types of mining

2.2.1. Underground mining carried out in tunnels below Earth's surface

2.2.2. Open-cast mining carried out on the surface

3. Forestry

3.1. What do they do?

3.1.1. Explode forests and tree plantations

3.2. Forests

3.2.1. The number of forests decrease due to human factors

3.2.2. Cutting down forests deforestation

4. Livestock farming

4.1. What do they do?

4.1.1. Buy and sell animals

4.1.2. Produce food and other products

4.2. Types of farming

4.2.1. Extensive farming animals are in open spaces

4.2.2. Intensive farming animals are kept in enclosed spaces

5. Fishing

5.1. What do they do?

5.1.1. Catch animals rivers, lakes, seas and oceans most at sea

5.2. Types of fishing

5.2.1. Deep-sea fishing carried out far away coast

5.2.2. Coastal fishing carried out near the coast