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1. Past tense

1.1. add ed

1.1.1. for example

1.1.2. walk+ ed

1.1.3. play+ ed

1.1.4. talk+ ed

1.1.5. open+ ed

2. Information About Past Actions

2.1. irregilar verbs

2.1.1. some verbs don´t use the ed past from for example in present and past Usin irregular past tense use did+not to make negative statements saul didn´t not eat banana begin began bring brought buy bought

2.1.2. asking questions

2.1.3. To make a questions put did before the subject, and use the simple form of the verb.

2.1.4. i bought a car

2.1.5. Did you buy a car?

2.2. answering questions

2.3. use long or short answers.

2.4. yes, nick bought a car or yes he did

3. Can as ability

3.1. Asking questions

3.1.1. Can you swim? Can Betty read French? Can james fly an airplane?

3.1.2. what time can you leave?

3.1.3. who can play soccer?

3.1.4. when can Tim read?

3.2. Answering questions

3.3. Yes, I can.

3.4. No, Betty can´t.

3.5. No, James cannot

3.6. Ican leave at 2:00 p.m.

3.7. Ted can play soccer

3.8. He can read after lunch

4. Question Relating to the Buying

4.1. Question whith what

4.1.1. question word+noun+auxiliary verb+pronoun verb+main verb.

4.1.2. what movie did you see?

4.1.3. question word+ noun +auxiliary verb+noun/pronoun?

4.1.4. what color is the shirt?

4.2. Questions with how much

4.3. Question word+auxiliary verb+noun/pronoun+main verb?

4.4. how much does the pen cost?

4.5. This and these usually refer to things near the sepeaker. this is my pencil these are my friends.

4.6. That and those refer to things farther away from the speaker. that is my pencil. those are my frieds.

5. Sports and Games

5.1. Talking about free time

5.1.1. Do you like

5.1.2. nouns other Verbs clean cook end like live play downtown

5.1.3. ball

5.1.4. baseball

5.1.5. city

5.1.6. Detroit

5.1.7. game

6. Questions About a Person´s Ability

6.1. Using must

6.2. must is used to express something that is necesary .Must comes before the simple form of a main verb.

6.3. Using Must not

6.4. Must not is used to express prohibithion.

6.5. Using may and can

6.6. May and can are used to request permision. May is used in formal requests.. Can is used in formal request.

6.7. May Iopen the window?

6.8. Can I write in my bok?