Clausulas subordinadas

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Clausulas subordinadas por Mind Map: Clausulas subordinadas

1. Formadas por

1.1. Clausula principal

1.2. Clausula subordinada

1.3. Clausula dependiente

2. Indican

2.1. PROPÓSITO (Expresan la finalidad, el por qué alguien hace algo)

2.1.1. To + infinitivo I went to the university to talk to one of my teachers.

2.1.2. In order to I went to the university in order to talk to one of my so as to teachers.

2.1.3. So that + can(n’t) /will (won’t) ( Para referirnos a presente o futuro). - I’ll buy a ball so that we can play football. Compraré un balón para que podamos jugar al fútbol.

2.1.4. So that + /would(n’t) / could(n’t) (Para referirnos al pasado). I bought a ball so that we could play football. Compré un balón para que pudiésemos jugar al fútbol.

2.1.5. In case In case + present (para referirse al presente) I will take an umbrella in case it rains. In case + past (para referirs al pasado) We bought an extra ticket in case Martin wanted to join us.

2.2. RAZON (Expresan la causa)

2.2.1. Because = porque We moved to another city because my father got a new job. I do not work,becuse i am a student

2.2.2. As /since = como, puesto que. As it is your birthday, I’ll lend you my best clothes.

2.3. RESULTADO (Expresan consecuencia)

2.3.1. So (así que) She was ill so she couldn’t take the exam.

2.3.2. As a result / therefore ( por tanto, como consecuencia) I failed my English test. Therefore, I took it again in September.

2.3.3. so / such....that ( tan........que ) SO + ADJECTIVE / ADVERB + THAT The ticket for the concert was so expensive (that) we couldn’t buy it SUCH + (ADJECTIVE) + NOUN THAT It is such a big city (that) I always get lost.


2.4.1. When / as ( cuando) I’ll phone you when I know the answer

2.4.2. While (mientras) While I was watching TV, the telephone rang

2.4.3. As soon as (tan) I’ll phone you as soon as I know the answer. As soon as he had finished studying, he left

2.4.4. Befor -After (antes - despues) She went to the gym after she had done her homework.

2.4.5. Until (hasta que) We were waiting until she arrived