Media Convergence & Participatory Culture

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Media Convergence & Participatory Culture por Mind Map: Media Convergence & Participatory Culture

1. Technology

1.1. Smartphones, Internet, Tablets, Computers, TVs, and Gaming Consoles.

2. Industry

2.1. Amazon isn't just online shopping, it's entertainment as well.

2.2. PlayStation used to just make gaming consoles now they provide a cable service.

2.3. Xfinity is not only a cable service, they provide a cellular service as well.

3. Media Convergence: Old and New media coming together. Changes the nature in how we engage/ get influenced. Not just consuming but creating.

4. Participatory Culture: Fan Culture. Consumers and Producers interact with each other about said media.

5. Prosumers

5.1. Tumblr, Youtube, Twitch, Medium, and UStream.

5.1.1. Pewdipie

6. "Fake News"

6.1. CNN, MSNBC, The Onion, and Wikipedia

7. Social Media

7.1. Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, & Instagram

7.1.1. Justin Bieber Fan club, BeyHive, and The Based God