The Internet (World Wide Web)

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The Internet (World Wide Web) por Mind Map: The Internet (World Wide Web)

1. The World Wide Web

1.1. Consists of a worlwide collection of electronic documents (Web pages)

1.2. Web site

1.2.1. Collection of a related Web pages and associated items,such as documents and pictures which stored on web server

1.3. Web server

1.3.1. Computer that delivers requested Web pages to your computer

1.4. Web 2.0

1.4.1. Web site that provide a means for users to share,modify,provide information

2. Web Page

2.1. An electronic document on the web,which can contain text,graphics,animation,audio,and video often has built-in connections to other documents,graphics,Web pages or Web sites

2.2. Some web pages are static(fixed); others are dynamic (changing)

3. Web Browser

3.1. Application software that allows users to access Web pages and Web 2.0 programs

3.2. The process of receiving information such as web page form a web server on the Internet

3.3. Most current browsers support tabbed browsing

4. Home Page

4.1. The first page that a Web site displays

4.2. Web pages provide links to other related Web pages

4.3. Downloading

4.4. Uploading

4.4.1. The process of transferring documents,graphics and other objects form a computer to a server on the Internet

5. Web Address

5.1. A web page has a unique address called a uniform Resource Locator (URL) or Web address

6. Navigating Web Pages

6.1. The home page usually contains links to other documents,Web pages, or Web sites

6.2. Hypertext

6.2.1. Link in text-based documents,whereas hypermedia combines text-Based links with graphic,audio and video links

6.3. Hyperlink

6.3.1. A built-in connection to another related Web page or part of a Web page

7. Web Searching

7.1. Search engine

7.1.1. A software use to find websites,web pages,images,videos,news,maps and other information related to specific topic

7.2. Subject directory

7.2.1. Classifies Web pages in an organized set of categories suchn as sport or shopping

8. Internet Services

8.1. Types

8.1.1. E-mail The transmission of messages and files via a computer network

8.1.2. Instant Messaging A real time internet communication service that notifies you when one or more people are online

8.1.3. VoIP Enables users to speak to other users over the Internet

8.1.4. Message Boards Type of discussion group

8.1.5. FTP Questions & Answers

8.1.6. WWW

9. Types of Website

9.1. Portal

9.1.1. A website that offers variety of internet services from single,convenient location

9.2. Bussiness/Marketing

9.2.1. Contains content that promotes or sells products or services

9.3. Online Social Network

9.3.1. Websites that encourages members in its online community to share their interests,photos,video,etc with other registered users

9.4. Blog

9.4.1. An informal website consisting of time-stamped articles,or posts in a diary or journal format,usually listed in reverse chronological order

9.5. Wiki

9.5.1. A colloborative web site that allows users to create,add,modify or delete the web site content via their web browser