Brandon Brown quiere un perro (Aryan Patil)

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Brandon Brown quiere un perro (Aryan Patil) por Mind Map: Brandon Brown quiere un perro (Aryan Patil)

1. Los personajes

1.1. Brandon Brown: An 8 year old boy who wants a dog for his birthday. He wants a big smart dog.

1.2. La mama: Brandon's mom and she doesn't want Brandon to get a dog since she believes that the dog is problematic and too much responsibility.

1.3. Katie: Brandon's sister and she has a rat.

1.4. Jake: Brandon's friend and he has a big and smart dog.

1.5. Jamie: Brandon Brown's friend and she owns a "dumb" hamster.

1.6. Denver: Brandon's dog that he keeps a secret. Causes major problems.

1.7. El doctor: Does a check up on Brandon to check if he is sick. Says that he doesn't need pills but he should sleep.

2. Vocabulario

2.1. Mascota: Pet

2.2. Regato: Present/gift

2.3. Recoge: Picks up

2.4. llevarlo: Carry/bring/take it

2.5. se hizo pipi: peed

2.6. hace ruidos: makes noise

2.7. tiene verguenza: he/she is embarrassed

2.8. sale: he/she leaves

2.9. esta preocupado/a: he/she is worried

3. Capitulo 1-2

3.1. Brandon is an 8 year old boy and he wants a big, smart dog like his friend, Jake. He doesn't want a rat like his sister because they are dirty. He also doesn't want a hamster like his friend Jamie since they are dumb. His mom doesn't want him to get a dog since they are problematic and lot of responsibility. Brandon says he can endure but his mom still refuses.

4. Capitulo 3-4

4.1. Brandon Brown went to the park with Jake and they met a lonely dog whom didn't have a collar. Brandon decides to take the dog to his house although he is nervous. The next morning at around 5 a.m. the dog makes a lot of noise. He discovers that the dog peed on the bed. The mom enters his room as he gets cereal and Brandon tells her that he peed the bed.

5. Capitulo 5-6

5.1. Brandon is in his room and he has a creative, active imagination and he imagines that he is the captain. Brandon creates a fort and when the mom calls him down, he refuses. When the dad comes home, he has to come down and eat with them but he has to make dog noises to cover up the dog sounds. Jake enters Brandon's room and plays with him in the fort. The mom comes in the room and Jake is hiding behind the window. The mom tells how he must never pee the bed again and Brandon gets embarrassed. After Jake leaves, the dog poops on the floor.

6. Capitulos 9-10

7. Capitulos 7-8