Brandon Brown quiere un perro Por: David Park

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Brandon Brown quiere un perro Por: David Park por Mind Map: Brandon Brown quiere un perro Por: David Park

1. los personajes

1.1. Brandon Brown: A 8 year old boy who wants a dog for his birthday. He wants a big, smart dog.

1.2. La mama: She doesn't want a dog Because she thinks its a mess.

1.3. Katie: Brandon's sister, she has a rat

1.4. Jake: Brandon's friend who has a big smart dog.

1.5. Jamie: She has a dumb hamster. She is Brandon's friend.

1.6. Denver:

2. vocabulario

2.1. Mascota: Pet

2.2. regalo: Present

2.3. recoge: picks up

2.4. llevarlo: carry/bring/take it

2.5. se hizo pipi: peed

2.6. hace ruidos: makes noise

2.7. tiene verguenza: he/she is embarrased

2.8. sale: he/she leaves

3. capitulo 1-2

3.1. There is a little boy named Brandon Brown who wants a big intelligent dog. He asks his mom for one but she doesn't like the idea and she is a against it. She thinks its to much work and thinks it will be a mess.

4. Capitulo 3-4

4.1. Brandon goes to the park. His mom tells him to come back at 8. He goes to the park and meets Jake who has a very smart big dog. Brandon then finds a dog suddenly. He takes it home.

5. Capitulo 5-6

5.1. The dog that Brandon brought is sleeping with him in his room. The dog all of a sudden pees and makes noises. Then mom comes and says whats going. Brandon hides the dog and makes dog noises afterward. He is embarrased because his mom thinks he peed on his bed. (Dog's name is Denver)

6. Capitulos 7-8

6.1. Brandon Brown visits a doctor because his mom called to see if there is anything wrong with Brandon becBrandon Brown comes in the room and finds his dog out of the closet. It was a mess and was freaking out. Brandon picks up the clothes on the floor. He is now exhausted. Jake comes from the window and they talk about ideas/plans about stealing a dog.

7. Capitulos 9-10