Brandon Brown quiere un perro por Ralph Navata

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Brandon Brown quiere un perro por Ralph Navata por Mind Map: Brandon Brown quiere un perro por Ralph Navata

1. Los personajes

1.1. Brandon Brown: Brandon wants a big, normal, and intelligent dog for his birthday and is eight years old.

1.2. La Mama: Brandon's mom. She doesn't want a dog thinking that they'll be too problematic.

1.3. Katie: Brandon's sister. Owns a rat as a pet.

1.4. Jake: Brandon's friend. He has the kind of dog that Brandon wants.

1.5. Jamie: Brandon's friend. She owns a simpleminded hamster.

1.6. Denver: The puppy that Brandon Brown hides in his room

1.7. El Doctor: The doctor Brandon and Mama go to who suggests he may have a virus and needs to sleep.

2. Vocabulario

2.1. mascota: pet

2.2. regalo: gift/present

2.3. recoge: picks up

2.4. llevarlo: carry/bring/taje

2.5. se hizo pipi: peed

2.6. hace ruidos: makes noises

2.7. Sale:he/she leaves

2.8. tiene verguenza: he/she is embarrased

2.9. esta preocupado/a: he/she is worried

3. Capitulos 1 -2

3.1. Brandon is eight years old who wants to have a big, intelligent dog like his friend Jake, not a rat like his sister Katie or a hamster like his friend Jamie. His mom says no claiming that it's too much responsibility, Brandon believes that he can handle it but is still told no.

4. Capitulos 3-4

4.1. Brandon Brown sees a dog. The dog isn't with anyone and is alone. His buddy Jake tells his to take the dog with him, so Brandon does and secretly brings the dog home.

5. Capitulos 5-6

5.1. Brandon hides the dog in his room and pretends to be a dog in order to avoid getting caught. The dog pees in the bed and his mom becomes worried. Jake enters Brandon and his mom tells Jake that Brandon peed on his bed. Denver, the dog, poops on the floor and Brandon takes the blame telling his mom that he's sick.

6. Capitulos 7-8

6.1. Brandon's mom is worried due to Brandon peeing and pooping in his room and sets up an appointment with a doctor. The doctor suggests that he may have a virus and suggests sleeping. Brandon is frustrated because he wasn't the one who peed or pooped, doesn't want to sleep, and doesn't want his birthday party cancelled. Upon entering his room, Brandon immediately notices the state of disaster his room was in, clothes all over the place, Denver out of the close, pee on his favorite pair of pants. Brandon realizes that dogs require too much responsibility and are too problematic. Brandon's friend Jake arrives at his room with an idea in mind, to abandon Denver at the park. Despite Brandon being reluctant, after much persuasion Jake was able to convince Brandon to leave Denver at the park.

7. Capitulos 9-10