PBJ Life Design

Identifying the specific elements that make up your ideal daily life.

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PBJ Life Design により Mind Map: PBJ Life Design

1. P: Personality, the YOU in the PB&J (the peanut butter)

1.1. 1. Your Life in Jelly Beans

1.1.1. Reverse engineering works in all areas of life - including this ... What if today was it?   Your last day? This is one of our favorite videos and we purposely keep jellybeans in our house to gently remind us ... Your Life in Jellybeans Sometimes your PBJ is fried chicken. The story of Colonel Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken What do you want to be when you grow up? An inspirational video of adults being asked what they wanted to be when they grow up.

1.1.2. How to make it happen (action) What are your favorite resources for thinking about how you want to FEEL as you are living your life? Live the Life You Love The Desire Map The IKEA® Measuring Tape

1.2. 2. Your Rear View Mirror

1.2.1. Now, if you are feeling that you're behind, or you wish you'd known about PBJ years ago - know this ... You haven't wasted any time.

1.2.2. How to make it happen ... Take inventory of your life and what has motivated you before. Your Rear View Mirror

1.3. 3. What do you want to ACHIEVE in your life?

1.3.1. First, you're going to do the Be. Do. Have Exercise Who do you want to be? This is who I am currently ... This is who I'd like to be ... What do you want to do? This is what I've done ... This is what I'd like to do ... What do you want to have? This is what I have ... This is what I'd like to have ... ::Activity Creating a Vision Board ::Family Activity A great family event to do over the holidays is have everyone create a vision board for themselves and also contribute to the family one for the year. When working together towards common goals - you'll have exponentially increased your power of influence and also connected with each other in a memorable way.

1.3.2. After you've done your Be.Do.Have exercise, then it's time for the Ideal Day exercise. How to make it happen (action) Fill out the "This is my ideal day ..."

2. B: Buyers, the B in the PB&J (the bread)

3. J: Your joy, the J in PB&J (the jam: joy and memories)

3.1. First, what is Joy?

3.1.1. Always helpful to see what Webster's has to say ... Joy defined in the dictionary

3.1.2. Then I take the dictionary definition and do a word journey doodle ... What's a word journey doodle? A pen-to-paper doodling exercise that allows you to uncover the meanings of words and phrases for you and your life ... After my word journey doodle this is what "JOY" means for me. PBJ makes joy ordinary. Our day-to-day place of living a reality surrounded by carefree, cheerful, delightful moments that leave us satisfied and fulfilled. What is "carefree" to us? What is "cheerful" to us? What are the "delightful" moments? What does "satisfied" mean? What is "fulfilled" to us?

3.1.3. Now, let's work on finding your definition of joy? How to make it happen? Do your own word journey doodle. Take a piece of paper and put "JOY" in the center. Next, type in "define joy" on your computer, and write down the definition. Now start doodling and see where the words, and their definitions take you. This is most definitely a fantastic activity to do as a family. My original word journey doodle for #vacationinglife gave birth to an entire new way of living for us and so many other families. #journalsrocks Now you'll have a piece of paper with the words and the doodle ... next up the journey piece ...

3.1.4. Ok, so HOW do I find my joy? How to make it happen (action) First, you can use your word journey doodle :) Once you've identified a few words from your doodle, then write in your memories--when you felt those words. As you see the memories start to complement and enhance the words ... then your joy starts to come through.

3.2. Second, taking your Joy and turning it into the PBJ sandwich you can sell.

3.2.1. How to make it happen (action)