An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

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An Abundance of Katherines by John Green by Mind Map: An Abundance of Katherines by John Green


1.1. -The book cover is very simple.

1.2. -It has 6 symbols, for example the bathtub, a heart and a graphic.

1.3. Symbols important to the story

1.4. September 21, 2006


2.1. John Michael Green

2.1.1. Born on August 24, 1977

2.1.2. Popular in the American young adult fiction.

2.1.3. Accessible to his fan base

2.1.4. YouTube Channel with educational videos

2.1.5. He’s created a community of “nerdfighters”

2.1.6. Literary fictions mostly concerning conjoined twins or religion of Islam.

2.2. The Fault in Our Stars

2.3. Looking for Alaska

2.4. Paper Town


3.1. Literary Genre

3.1.1. Fiction

3.1.2. Romance

3.1.3. Young Adult Fiction

3.2. Plot

3.2.1. Summary -Colin Singleton is a child Prodigy -Type of girls: Katherines -Dumped by his girlfriend: Katherine XIX -His goal is to have his "eureka" moment -He goes to a road trip with his bestfriend -They meet Lindsey Lee -Colin fell in love with Lindsey -His theorem: Theorem of Underlying Katherine Predictability -Why his relationship failed -He starts a relationship with Lindsey -Colin found peace and happiness

3.2.2. Climax -Colin wants his Eureka moment -He can maje a huge discovery -Katrina and TOC are caught making out -Lindsey worried about her mom

3.3. The characters

3.3.1. Main Characters Colin Singleton: -Prodigy -Only dates girls named Katherine -Not-Unique "He reads a book about presidents and he remembers more of it because everything he reads clicks in his head as fugging interesting." "not-unique in the very best possible way" Hassan Harbish -Colin's one and only friend -He avoids work and effort -Overweight -Muslim Rebel "a not-doer" "Yeah, but the haram shit I do is, like, having a dog." Lindsey Lee Wells: -Paramedic in training -A deep-thinking nerd with Hassan and Colin -Small -Big brown eyes "I'm never myself. [...] I'm nothing. The thing about chameleoning your way through life is that it gets to where nothing is real." Hollis Wells: -Lindsey's mom -CEO and President of Gutshot Textiles -Workaholic -Very kind "took good care of us every one"

3.3.2. Secondary Characters TOC: -The other Colin -Cheats on Lindsey -Bullies Colin and Hassan "You're not gonna say a word. Because this ain't none of your business." Katrina: -Pretty -Friend of TOC -"Easy girl" -Hooks up with Hassan -Messes up with TOC -Enrolled in community college "Easier than a four-piece jigsaw puzzle" Chase and Fulton: -JATT (Jeans are too tight) -SOCT (Short One Chewing Tobacco) -Don't have the chance of knowing them Katherines: -Past girlfriends of Colin -Nineteen of them -Every Katherine has dumped him -Colin refers to them with numbers "Every single solitary one has dumped him" "K-1, K-2, K-3, K-5....... K-19"

3.4. Time and Setting

3.4.1. Gutshot, Tennessee

3.4.2. 21st century


4.1. Authors Style

4.1.1. First-person point of view of Colin

4.1.2. Tone A know-it-all attitude Collin is a mayor "smarty-pants" Optimistic "He was feeling not-unique in the very best possible way" Tragic Colin loses his girlfriends "the Factory is closing down"

4.1.3. Type of language Formal Personification Simile

4.2. Message

4.2.1. The purpose of life and existence

4.2.2. Hope on love

4.2.3. The value of knowledge


5.1. -I really loved this book -You can learn things from it -The way love is graphed is really interesting -The way Colin finds true love is awesome

5.2. There's nothing I really didn't like, sometimes I felt that Colin was too selfish but not always.

5.3. I really recommend this book. It is a really good book, where John Green left a lot of messages and it has really good quotes too.


6.1. From the book

6.2. Google research