My Five Senses by Holly Montes

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My Five Senses by Holly Montes by Mind Map: My Five Senses by Holly Montes

1. English Language Arts

1.1. Sing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

1.2. Sing a song about The Five Senses

1.3. Learn a second song about The Five Senses

1.4. Read a poem about The Five Senses

1.5. Read My Five Senses by Aliki

1.6. Make a mini book on The Five Senses

2. Health Education

2.1. Nature Walk

2.2. Sense of smell game using healthy foods and not healthy foods

2.3. Popcorn tasting - put different flavors on popcorn and see if the children can identify the flavors

2.4. Have children hop/skip/jump/gallop 5 times repeating the five senses while doin it

3. Arts

3.1. Create a collage of items you can see, hear, touch, taste and smell

3.2. Finger Painting with smelly paint

3.3. Using Play-doh with sand and cinnamon mixed in

3.4. Make scented flowers

4. Math

4.1. Identify and chart the different eye colors in the class

4.2. Count body parts in the class

4.3. Make a colored pasta necklace in a pattern

4.4. Have the children count in increments of 5 (or if they are not ready have them count out increments of 5)

5. Science and Technology

5.1. Locate the taste areas on a picture of a tongue

5.2. Trace the hand and talk about hot and cold. You could demonstrate this as well.

5.3. Identify different textures while blindfolded

5.4. Cut out body parts and match to senses.

5.5. Make sensory trays with various textures and temperature