Physical Literary Analysis Plan

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Physical Literary Analysis Plan by Mind Map: Physical Literary Analysis Plan

1. Materials Needed

1.1. Seven Stockings

1.2. Paper

1.3. Scissors

1.4. Cardboard

1.5. Cardboard Boxes

1.6. Thumbtacks

1.7. Tape

1.8. String

1.9. Paint

1.10. Brick Wrapping Paper

1.11. Picture Frame

1.12. Flash Cards

1.13. Markers

1.14. Colored Pencils

1.15. Black Posterboard

1.16. Fan

1.17. Tissue Paper

1.18. Light

1.19. Paper Towel Rolls

1.20. Rocks

1.21. Extension Cord

1.22. Items for the Conflict Stocking

2. STREAM Incorporation

2.1. Science

2.1.1. For the science portion, we will be making a light system, that will go along eith our fake fire.

2.2. Technology

2.2.1. For the technology aspect of our project, we will be using a computer software to edit our picture of Joan of Arc. We will edit this picture, by editing a written prayer of Joan of Arc on the picture. We will edit the picture, in a way that the picture will still be visible underneath the words.

2.3. Religion

2.3.1. A picture of Joan of Arc in a frame will be placed on top of the fireplace. We will research this religious figure, and we will place a short prayer that is directed towards Joan of Arc.The character we have chosen to make this project's perspective from is Anita. So, because her role model is Joan of Arc, we have chosen this idea.

2.4. Engineering

2.4.1. We are going to engineer a fake fire for our fireplace. The fire will be moving, and it will look like it is really burning.

2.5. Arts

2.5.1. Our project will incorporate arts though the crafting of our fireplace. We will also draw sketches and designs of our final project, the portraits of the characters, and the images relating to chapter titles. Lastly, we will be coloring and painting our fireplace.

2.6. Mathematics

2.6.1. Our project will incorporate mathematics through the building and designing of our fireplace. We will have to find the exact measurements of our location, and build our fireplace based on those measurements.

3. Project Idea

3.1. A fireplace with stockings. The stockings will be titled with each component of the literary analysis. ( B, writing style, author's purpose, connections, etc.) Inside the stockings will be the information that corresponds with the title. This information will be like the stocking stuffers of the stocking.

4. Character and Christmas Literature

4.1. The character we have chosen is Anita, and the Christmas literature we have chosen is a poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson called "Ring Out, Wild Bells."

5. *Character types and styles

5.1. For character types and styles, we will make ornaments for the main character. On the front of the ornament, we will draw an image for the character, and on the back we will have a description of their character type, round, flat, etc. These ornaments will be stuffed into one of the stockings.

6. *Writing style with a focus on literary devices

6.1. Inside this stocking, we will put flash cards. On the flash cards, we will write the examples of literary devices found in the text. On the back of the flash cards, we will write what type of literary device it is. (simile, metaphor,etc.)

7. *Conflict

7.1. We will be making flash cards that have someone of the conflicts that Anita faces. On the back of the flash card, there will be an image that goes along with the conflict.

8. *Theme

8.1. We will "engrave" the theme, most likely will be a word or phrase, onto the top of the fireplace.

9. *Chapter Titles

9.1. For chapter titles, we will make mini booklets that will be placed in the stocking. The booklets will have the chapter title, a hand drawn drawing relating to it, and a description as to why the author named the chapter this way.

10. Vocabulary and Spanish Vocabulary

10.1. For both Spanish vocabulary and English vocabulary, we will use a stocking. We will make vocab flashcards as the gifts inside of the stockings.

11. Connections

11.1. In this stocking, we will put strips with connections. The strips will be color coded for TW, TT, and TS.

12. *Author's purpose

12.1. For author's purpose, we will simply place a paper in the stocking with a paragraph or two about the author's purpose.