The Rise Of Christianity

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The Rise Of Christianity by Mind Map: The Rise Of Christianity


1.1. Growing movement

1.1.1. Jesus had 12 disciples, who later became apostles

1.1.2. When Jesus visited Jerusalem in 30 AD he was greeted as the Messiah, which he was known as the rescuer of the Jews

1.2. Jesus Death

1.2.1. Then after years, Jesus was arrested for defying the authority of Rome

1.2.2. After his horrific death, he was placed in a tomb, and three days after he resurrected and appeared to his disciples

1.3. Ascension of Jesus

1.3.1. Jesus completed his journey. He left his word to all of his twelve disciples. Their job is to go spread the word to others


2.1. Disciples Mission

2.1.1. All 12 disciples at one point in their lives had visions of Jesus that encouraged them to never stop spreading Jesus teachings

2.2. Revolution against Christians

2.2.1. Most of the Jews rebelled against Rome

2.2.2. Then Romans destroyed Jerusalem's temple

2.2.3. When Jews tried to escape and be free, over 500,000 were killed because of the attempt

2.3. Persecution

2.3.1. When Christians refused to worship other gods, Rome began to go on a fall

2.3.2. Romans treated Christians like dogs, and made them their servants


3.1. Acceptance of Religion

3.1.1. Around 320 AD, the end of persecution of Christians was announced

3.1.2. Christians gave their religion a structure

3.2. Christian Emperor

3.2.1. With emperor Constantine which became the first Christian Emperor, created the Edict of Milan that gave freedom to all religions

3.3. Papacy

3.3.1. The Pope, the head of the Roman Church disagreed on some things from the bible. That caused a split in Christianity, which was the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Western Church


4.1. One Voice

4.1.1. Due to other beliefs, the new testament was created

4.1.2. Every major city started to have its own Bishop

4.1.3. There started to be fathers of the church, for example Augustine was one of the most important

4.2. The Holy Bible

4.2.1. The Holy Bible had many authors, had an old testament and a new testament. It contained books before the time of Jesus, and the new testament contained books after Jesus

4.2.2. Some people believed in the bible partially while others entirely

4.2.3. Some who did not own a bible went to listen to priests and their teachings