Parts of speech

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Parts of speech by Mind Map: Parts of speech

1. Adjective

1.1. Semantic characteristic

1.1.1. Type of nomination Qualitative Descriptive Limiting Relative Material Place Time Relationship

1.2. Morphological characteristic

1.2.1. Grammar Degrees of Comparison Synthetical pattern Analytical pattern Suppletive formation Substantivization Full Partial Function Evaluative Specificative

1.2.2. Form Derivative + Productive suffixes + Unproductive suffixies + Productive prefixes + Unproductive prefixes Simple Compound Noun + adjective Adjective + adjective Adverb + participle Noun/pronoun + verbal Adjective/adverb + noun + -ed

1.3. Syntactical characteristic

1.3.1. Syntactic function Attribute Predicative

1.3.2. Combinability + Noun + Link verb + Adverb

2. Noun

2.1. Morphological characteristic

2.1.1. Grammar Category of Gender Double oppositional correlation Pronominal correlation Category of Number Countable Uncountable Category of Case Common case Possesive case Category of Article determination Definite article Indefinite article Absence of the article

2.1.2. Form Compound Simple Derived

2.2. Semantic characteristic

2.2.1. Type of nomination Proper Common

2.2.2. Form of existance Animate Human Non-human Inanimate

2.2.3. Quantifiability Countable Uncountable

2.3. Syntactical characteristic

2.3.1. Syntactic function Subject Object Predicative Attributive Adverbial

2.3.2. Combinability Contact Casal Prepositional + Noun + Verb + Adverb + Adjective

3. Verb

3.1. Morphological characteristic

3.1.1. Grammar Non-finite forms Present participle Past participle Infinitive Gerund Finite forms Category of Person and Number Category of Tense Category of Aspect Category of Voice Category of Mood

3.1.2. Form Simple Sound-replacive Stress-replacive Composite Phrasal

3.2. Semantic characteristic

3.2.1. Notional Subject-process relation Actional Statal Aspected characteristic of the process Limited Unlimited Power to take complement Complementive Uncomplementive

3.2.2. Semi-notional and functional Auxiliary Modal Semi-notional verbid introducer verbs Link-verbs

3.3. Syntactical characteristic

3.3.1. Finite Predicate

3.3.2. Non-finite Subject Object Adverbial modifier Attribute