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Music Analysis by Mind Map: Music Analysis

1. Kitchen Sink // twenty one pilots [lyrics] | Clifford Clouds

2. F# E G#m B C#m Bbm

3. Key B

4. I chose this song as it is one of my favourite pieces, as the mix of sounds and vocals creates a really nice atmosphere, and the raw emotion in the vocals is amazing. The subject matter is about finding purpose, and as a musician this theme resonates with my own aspirations and work.

5. The full meaning behind 'Kitchen Sink' is still quite vague. It is a song that Tyler Joseph (The songwriter and singer in the band) hasn't fully explained, other than that it is about finding purpose. From the lyrics we can learn that he is singing about how something that may seem meaningless to one person is something very important to someone else; 'A kitchen sink to you, is not a kitchen sink to me'. The writer is also in conflict over what it is he wants; towards the end of the song, 'Leave me alone' is repeated, as it was in the previous chorus, however it then changes to 'Don't leave me alone', showing that he can't choose exactly what it is he wants people to do.

6. Kitchen Sink has two different styles of vocal in it, the verses are performed as a rap, whereas the chorus' are loud, almost screamed words raw with emotion.

7. Kitchen Sink has some great harmonies in the second chorus, that are all different, and become more apparent towards the end of the section.

8. The drum beats in Kitchen Sink change several times throughout the course of the song, beginning with a rhythm made up of samples and sound effects, then evolving throughout the verses.

9. The overall mood of Kitchen Sink is one of struggling and conflict, as well as resolution towards the end of the song, when the instruments and beat change to a more ethereal sound made up of pan pipes and percussion.

10. C D Em G Am

11. David Bowie - Heroes

12. Key D

13. This song is one that I have grown up listening to and I love it similarly for the emotion in Bowie's vocals. The rhythm is catchy and the meaning behind the song is quite powerful.

14. The meaning of Heroes is that it is a story of a german couple who are so determined to be together that they met underneath a turret on the Berlin wall every day. Bowie later reveals that the couple was actually his producer and backup singer. At the time he couldn't reveal the full inspiration for the song as his producer was married at the time.

15. The way Bowie sings changes between the first a second verse. In the first verse, he is singing calmly, almost speaking normally at parts. In the second verse, there is a lot more emotion and emphasis in what he is singing, practically screaming/shouting the words.

16. Heroes doesn't have any vocal harmonies in it, but does incorporate some kind of chorus effect towards the end of the song.

17. Heroes has one main drum beat throughout the entirety of the song, with only subtle changes.

18. The overall mood, in my opinion, is a happy one. It's a story, set upon a catchy rhythm and accompanied by a nice guitar melody. It creates a feeling of dancing, or at least moving to the beat, such as Bowie does in the music video.