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National Security Council by Mind Map: National Security Council
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National Security Council

Remember: Congress has nothing to do with this set-up because NSC is considered to be part of the President's staff. Also: all it takes to change this organization is a President that wants to change it. 

lots of voices


Opinions and info are going to go back to the Principal's Committee.


filtered by N.S. Agency

"too many chefs"

There are so many voices that sometimes it is hard to figure out what to do. Yet, how come the NSC ends up being so important to determine policy?  

implement Agencies

The NSC only has a little budget for its internal operation only. It has no budget for implementation. It is other agencies that implement the policies that the NSC has decided. There is a bureacracy vs. bureaucracy check, since other agencies have to decide whether the NSC's recommendations/options are actually feasible. 

POTUS dependent


confidence in own ability

little or no oversight

Little or no oversight; Except where the President is concerned.

congressional authority

Options for Policy

Possibly the biggest influence of the NSC over policy, is that they provide the president with available POLICY OPTIONS. The NSC can filter out undesired option, therefore taking them away from the decision-making process