Lesson 1: Hook

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Lesson 1: Hook by Mind Map: Lesson 1: Hook

1. Focus Questions

1.1. What are some rules we have to follow?

1.2. Why do we need to use gloves?

1.3. What did you think was in box _? Why?

1.4. How did it taste?

1.5. What words can you use to describe it?

1.6. Where does it belong on the food pyramid?

2. Materials

2.1. Mystery boxes

2.2. Foods: exotic fruit and veg, cheese, bread, lolly

2.3. Latex gloves

2.4. Worksheet

2.5. Pencils

3. Cross Curriculum Links

3.1. Science

3.2. English

3.3. Critical and Creative Thinking

4. Technologies Curriculum

4.1. Design and Technologies

4.2. Food and Fibre Production

4.3. Food and fibre choices for healthy living (ACTDEK003)

4.4. Year 2

5. Topic and Theme

5.1. Food and Fibre

5.2. Creating a healthy meal

6. Instructions

6.1. 1. Introduce topic 'creating a healthy meal' through discussion

6.2. 2. Explain mystery box

6.2.1. Students will be separated into 5 groups.

6.2.2. There will be 5 boxes around the room.

6.2.3. One person at a time, Put your hand in with eyes closed and eat what is in the box.

6.2.4. do not make any comments until all students have tried the food.

6.2.5. write down your comments and put it where you think it belongs on the food pyramid.

6.3. 3. Hand out gloves for students to put on. Discuss why we are wearing gloves.

6.4. 4. Hand out the worksheet and explain what students have to do.

6.5. 5. Put students into five groups (by numbering 1-5) and send them to a box each. Wait until everyone is sitting in front of a box.

6.6. 6. When give permission, one person to put their hand in the box and try the food. Continue around the group until everyone has tried it.

6.7. 7. Write down any comments on how it tasted, texture etc. and where it fits on the food pyramid

6.8. 8. Move to next mystery box with your worksheet. Repeat steps 6 and 7. Continue until all students have tasted the foods

6.9. 9. Collect worksheets and discuss what students thought each food was, what it tasted like and where it belongs on the food pyramid.