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What are planets made of and why? By Madeleine by Mind Map: What are planets made of and why?       By Madeleine
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What are planets made of and why? By Madeleine

What planets make up the rocky planets?

Rocky planets

Are any two planets the same?


Gas planets are the same in some ways such as they all have gas.  Rocky planets are the same, they are the same in some ways, such as: they are very heavy and move slowly, they also have very few moons.


Planets are different in some ways, eg: they are placed in different areas of the galaxy, how fast they move, and what exact size they are.

How do scientists discover what planets are made of?

The simplest thing to do would be to get a piece of the planet and study it, but in reality this doesn't happen very often. Scientists have got bits of the moon, Mars and the astroid belt, as they have fallen to Earth as meteors and meteorites.  But what about the other planets. So here are some other ways.


Did you know that you can discover what  planets are made of by studying the reflections of the planets surfaces.


Spacecrafts have been sent into space, they have either orbited or sent astronauts into space.


Tools like, scientific instruments, Robots, and atmospheric bombs are used to try and discover what planets are made of.

What planets are in the group of gas giants?

Gas planets

What is the size of planets?

Small planets

Small planets have a size less than 13000km.

Giant planets

Gas planets have a diameter of more than 48000.

Lesser planets

The lesser planets are Pluto and Mercury.  These are referred to as lesser planets because they are so small.  There is a debate on whether Pluto should be a planet or not.

What is the structure of planets?

Gas planets

Rocky planets

Why are planets spheres?



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