What is the connection between smartphones and user addiction?

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What is the connection between smartphones and user addiction? by Mind Map: What is the connection between smartphones and user addiction?

1. nomophobia is an artifically created disorder

1.1. When you have "nomophobia" that basically means you are starting to become addicted to your phone. (Acording to the author)

1.1.1. Conflicts, withdrawals, symptoms, relapse, reinstatement and behavioral are all types of different addiction factors loaded highly on items tapping interpersonal criteria for behavioral addiction This quote means that those 6 different types are addiction factors loaded highly on items tapping criteria for behavioral addiction

1.1.2. When it comes to a classification of internet gaming disorder, addiction criteria, euphoria and cognitive salience start to become unacceptable This quote makes me think that anything that has to do with addiction that affects you in a bad way is unacceptable

1.1.3. A significant impariment in a person's daily activities is caused by the avoidance behavior or distress This matters because it depends on behavior or distress to be active

1.1.4. A disorder of nomophobia has to meet some certain criteria's to be classified as a real one This quote shows that to prove you have a real nomophobia disorder it has to meet a certain criteria

1.2. Tthis smartphone overuse is getting out of hand (Acording to the smartphones companies)

1.3. Because the artificially created disorder is a topic people talk a lot about on social media

1.4. Because if you feel anxious of the thought of loosing your phone or people reading your private stuff then you have "nomophobic"

2. Mobile device separation anxiety is a growing problem

2.1. They want to make a change in people that have nomophobia lifes because they want them to be more communicated with the world not just be on your phone 24/7 (Acording to people around the world)

2.1.1. According to a recent study 56% of american adults have smartphones This quote means that 56% people around the world own smartphones

2.1.2. Social media is people's real life sometimes, that's a result of nomophobia. This quote makes me think that social media takes over peoples real life

2.1.3. Studys found out how people start feeling stressed without their smartphones because they did this social experiment to see how being without your smartphones affect people This matters because you need to realize how being without your smartphone affects you, in a good or bad way

2.1.4. Smartphones owners may be obsessed with them, they are happy with their device but the oppisite without it. This quote matters because it tells you how smartphones owners feel about them

2.2. Just cause you're addicted to social media doesn't mean it had to do something with a drug it mean a different type of addiction. (Acording to Dr. Michael Bengston)

2.3. Because it can be an anxiety-filled experience if you cant be able to go without your devices for few minutes

2.4. Because things are different in person than in devices, relationships are not the same. You say you love someone then the next day you think you should more on.