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Alternate Story by Mind Map: Alternate Story
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Alternate Story

MARLENA:Before we start to create this mind map, we could consider  how to change the story. Maybe to write down our ideas first? Mine is: Child's mother prevented the child to speak. So the emperor introduced a new fashion trend - until today. Hypocrisy and snobbery still run the world TEA: Nice idea, Marlena. My idea was to turn it into a typical detective story. The two swindlers get caught in fraud and end up in jail. The court, the jury and the people decide on their punishment. The king turns out to be wise and people learn not to trust strangers or something like that. :) EVA: What about to join all these ideas? The child said it only to his father, not loudly to the public, his/her father was a friend of the old honest minister, they talked about it together during the procession, the minister realised he made a mistake, he told the truth to the emperor... and the two swindlers were punished then... What do you think? TEA: Yes, Eva. I would also like to join the ideas! Each of us can contribute a bit and then put the pieces together. EVA: ...and one more idea - the surprising one - as in fairy tales, good triumphs over evil, in the end, the emperor will thank the two swindlers for detecting hypocrisy and complacency in his kingdom. The father of the child will replace the old honest minister in his position, because he goes into retirement... The children with assistance of their parents become judges in this kingdom... Too complicated? Too idealistic? Don't hesitate to modify it in any way!!! Thanks:) Tine: My thought to changing the story was that the two swindleres were not swindlers at all - but then it would be quite another story - so I am quite happy with your ideas :-) Sounds good:-) MARLENA: Maybe it is too idealistic I like this brainstorming! I would like to add/change just the end: From that time people decided to ask children for their opinion on any case that should be resolved. What do you think? Lela:  love all your ideas. I would modify a bit the idea of Marlena: The emperor appreciating the child's innocent honesty, decides to keep him in his court as a consult to verify if somebody is lying... What do you think? EVA: Dear all - I think we've got the alternate story!!! We can start working on this mind map... Who is going to start - with the basic structure? Any volunteer? :D TEA: Hi girls! Love the ideas and collective mind! ;) I made some basic branches so feel free to scribble on them, we have time to ellaborate! Good night. EVA: Tea, what a perfect structure!!! I do like it! See you here in the afternoon... I will try to contribute a bit... TINE: Well done girls :-) I added to the mindmap this morning acording to previous ideas. Please feel free to change my text if you would like something else. I love the new story TEA: Wow! Nice to see the story coming to life? May I add images and make it prettier by using another theme? MARLENA: I just added few things - hope you like it...





the same as original






turning point

When the emperor finds out real values for ruling and starts listening to his people indstead of focusing on clothes


Clothes doesn't rule a country

Stupidity is 'not using your brain and listening to the people - especially children :-)'

Swindlers are punished

don't forget the child within you


Stupid emperor - task - wise emperor

learning from his mistakes

happy end

Swindlers caught and convicted

Children are made part of the emperors advisers

The old honored minister is wise and saves the emperor

The emperor forgets about clothes and rules his country wisely

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